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  1. Olga_NYC

    Cocky boyfriend likes to antagonize people. What to do?

    Hello! I have an issue that I'd like to hear your thoughts on. I think this post ended up sounding a bit funny :D But anyways, I've been with this guy for a few years. When we met, he seemed very shy and mellow. I thought he was adorable :wubu: But I eventually realized that he can be very...
  2. Olga_NYC

    A celebrity FFA??

    I agree LOL It sounds like a bitchy remark, it's like she suggested that a fat husband would be unattractive so that would make her look good in comparison :doh:
  3. Olga_NYC

    Blond men vs Dark haired men - What do you prefer?

    Aww :-) That's true, there are exceptions. Look at Brad Pitt, Leo DiCaprio, Matt Damon. There are many fair male stars out there, but it's true that most women tend to go for the dark guys. Evolutionary psychologists say that darkness is associated with masculinity because men produce...
  4. Olga_NYC

    Learn Guitar with Madagascar Slim

    Hehe he's cute :) My boyfriend is a guitar teacher in NJ. I should get some pics of him to post :wubu:
  5. Olga_NYC

    Women- Who do you have a heterosexual crush on?

    I agree. She's really something :) Hehe me too, blondes are purty :happy: I'm gonna have to go with teh ikki twins
  6. Olga_NYC

    Ever had physical attraction cloud your judgement?

    It definitely happened with my boyfriend teh psychopath. He's got huge mental problems but I like him :wubu: On a serious note, and if you really want to save the relationship, have you considered counseling for couples? If you think you're having a hard time communicating. I used to have...
  7. Olga_NYC

    Small BHMs?

    I agree. Anyone who don't appear to be "fit" or skinny is subject to being discriminated against. One of my best friends is 200 lbs and at 5'8'' he looks 'slightly chubby', which is enough for a lot of people to be turned off by his appearance. It all depends on height, of course...
  8. Olga_NYC

    The thread for random single confessions!

    Hmm I'll confess that I like reality shows ... a lot :blush: LOL
  9. Olga_NYC

    Favorite fatboy body part?

    I love round faces the most too :) But with any guys (not just BHMs) they need to have a good looking face. I tend to like guys with more feminine facial features (small noses, big eyes). I don't dig uber masculine facial features.
  10. Olga_NYC

    It's my birthday today

    Happy belated Bday :)
  11. Olga_NYC

    Blond men vs Dark haired men - What do you prefer?

    Aww you're cute :) This is an interesting question. I think people define blondness in different ways. I have a friend whose hair is dark-ish blond and he also says he has brown hair. I guess it's kind of subjective, we need a guideline to define where dark blond ends and light brown starts...
  12. Olga_NYC

    Half-bald or fully bald?

    I agree with everyone. Shaving is probably the way to go, it almost invariably looks better. You can always wear a hat in the winter if you get cold :-)
  13. Olga_NYC

    Blond men vs Dark haired men - What do you prefer?

    I agree with that :) I like Asian and black men with dark hair and eyes, but for some reason white men with dark hair don't do it for me. I think that light skin looks better with fair hair. Yeah I think it is highly cultural too. The media keeps feeding us with all this dark haired male...
  14. Olga_NYC

    Blond men vs Dark haired men - What do you prefer?

    Actually, they say it's evolutionary to DISLIKE blonds. That is, women are prefer dark haired men LOL It's not how I feel personally, but it seems that dark haired men are indeed more popular for some reason. There's something about that here:
  15. Olga_NYC

    Blond men vs Dark haired men - What do you prefer?

    That's true, I read about that :doh: And now that men are dyeing their hair like crazy, women will be having to guess at their natural color, too LOL The guy I was with was a blond when I met him ... yeah right :rolleyes: He eventually stopped dyeing it and I realized he was a brunet. And...
  16. Olga_NYC

    a bhm wanting to get to a big bhm

    I'm not sure if relying on just beer for weight gain is the best idea, because as you mentioned in your post, maybe it isn't the best long term for your liver (depends on how much you have, of course) I think something that makes me gain weight personally is eating higher calorie foods. Like...
  17. Olga_NYC

    Blond men vs Dark haired men - What do you prefer?

    Hehe true, long hair is awesome :) I guess I would date someone with dark hair, it's just not my most favorite color. BTW I have dark hair so I have nothing against it. I guess we usually want what we don't have :D
  18. Olga_NYC

    Blond men vs Dark haired men - What do you prefer?

    Hey everyone! I was wondering what people's preferences are for hair color on men. I was looking through polls on other sites and it seems that most women are more attracted to dark hair. I wonder if that's true or just a cliche? They also say that's sort of a evolutionary thing because fair...
  19. Olga_NYC

    Age - How much does it matter to you?

    I don't really like older guys as in significantly older (15-20 years) but someone who is 5-10 years older is okay for me. (I would consider a larger difference if I were attracted to the person, though). As for younger guys, I would rather not date a younger person than myself. Nothing...
  20. Olga_NYC

    FFA's: could You See Yourself Dating a Skinny Man?

    Personally, I wouldn't want a thin guy. It may sound shallow but hey, most people won't date someone who is overweight and that's shallow too lol I am okay with "football player" type of guys, not skinny though. 200 lbs and over should be good, depending on their height. (for example...
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