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  1. Ash

    This is a thread about how little time I have left of my 20s

    Booo. I hereby promise, fellow 20s kids, that when I graduate from this board in a year and a half, I will not say any of the following. You'll think differently when you're older. But you're still so young! You're too young to get it yet. When you're older and wiser... I used to...
  2. Ash

    The Fat Morality Quiz

    The Fat Morality Quiz This is for fat people only. Duh. This quiz is designed to determine whether you're a good fatty or a bad fatty based on your behaviors and my random measurement criteria that means nothing. This quiz requires math. Take off your shoes if you need to, even though you...
  3. Ash

    Fat women will cause the world to end.

    I know that this thread will be unpopular and that you will all attack me for my honest feelings and true beliefs because that is what you do here at Dimensions. People who say innocent things about fat women being sluts and gluttons are unfairly ridiculed and treated poorly FOR NO REASON AT...
  4. Ash

    Happy Birthday supersoup!

    I made you a cake but I eated it. <3 you!
  5. Ash

    Happy Birthday FAJohnny!

    He never posts (here or anywhere) but he still needs a thread. Happy Birthday Hot Johnny!
  6. Ash

    Celebrity Fat Club: Mainstream Morphage?
  7. Ash

    Happy Birthday Bafta1!

    You're already hours and hours into your day over there, but I hope it has been and continues to be great. Happy Birthday. :)
  8. Ash

    Happy Birthday MuleVariationsNYC!

    Happy Birthday to my fake internet husband. Soccer brought us together, but our mutual love for tasteless one-liners and our children Fifa and Uefa keep us together. :D Hope it's a great one!
  9. Ash

    Happy birthday Poncedeleon!

    Best birthday ever! I hope this one is fantastic!
  10. Ash

    happy birthday supersoup!

  11. Ash

    LOST: Season Five **warning - SPOILERS!!**

    This thread just needed to happen. For all who don't know and don't watch, Lost is the BEST. SHOW. EVER. No detractors on this, please. It's science. Anyway, the show is crazy and there are always about a zillion things going on at once and there are intricate plot lines and subtle...
  12. Ash

    For LOST fans: Sawyer's Nickname Generator Mine is Kazoo. But he could call me anything he wants. So hot!
  13. Ash

    Overheard in Mash-land: Quotes from the fat nuthouse

    "I'm gonna harness the earth's chi...with my wang." Bumby "I got the PCD. Except without the PC." Soupy
  14. Ash

    thread v2.0

    Noob (or not-so-noob) posts reasonable comment/question/personal anecdote related to fat/weight/weight-gain in the Weight Board. Regular poster posts an incredibly non-subtle comment that undermines the OP&#8217;s comment/question/anecdote and insults the OP&#8217;s intelligence. Snark...
  15. Ash

    Happy Birthday Aris!

    To our own Fat Faerie, only the happiest of birthdays! Woo! 6/12 FTW!
  16. Ash

    Happy Birthday Aussie Guy!

    Happy Birthday! I hope this one is full of adventure.
  17. Ash

    Dedicate a song to a fellow poster!

    Since SOMEONE was supposed to create this thread and did not, I'm doing it for him. And yes, you may dedicate songs to anonymous posters. Mostly because I fully plan on doing so, and since this is my thread, I'll allow it. To themadhatter, I dedicate "Fearless" by The Bravery. To...
  18. Ash

    Lose a MILLIONTY pounds in one weekend!

    Lose a MILLIONTY pounds in one weekend! With Nutrihydroallisystemcut: The revolutionary new weight loss drug from AmandaCaseyandAshleyGetRich, Inc! Take just 82 pills a day for 3 days, and you WILL lose inches, fat, and all that extra skin, too! * ** All this for just 47 easy payments...
  19. Ash

    Happy Birthday, Mini!

    Happy (late) Birthday, Michael, you big pain in the ass! We've missed you! Happy now? ;)
  20. Ash

    IGIGI for New Years? Coupon code!

    So I'm ordering my NYE dress tonight, and I found a coupon code. Use the code BRIDAL at checkout for 20% off! And it can be used on anything, not just dresses. Happy shopping, lovelies!
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