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    This~or~That THREAD

    can I pick both ;) Down Spring or Fall?
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    Happy Birthday eightyseven :)

    spank me Im sorry... Happy Belated Birthday!!
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    I Owe My Mother

    OMG!!! I just had flashbacks to my childhood.... that was awesome thanks xox
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    Be Honest - Would you give up your pet or spouse?

    oh my mom is prepared to take my cats if anything..... she knows how much they mean to me & wouldnt let anything happen to them knowing I would be so heartbroken if that happened. & this comes from a woman who didnt like cats... now she does =)
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    Be Honest - Would you give up your pet or spouse?

    you can just leave a bowl of claritin @ the door for those allergic :)
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    Be Honest - Would you give up your pet or spouse?

    thats my cats name too I love that name xoxo
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    Be Honest - Would you give up your pet or spouse?

    my cats were here first........ if you cant love my cats then you cant love me but that goes both ways for a man with pets Loving someone is loving what is important to them. My cats own me & working in a 24 hr emergency room for pets when I see something bad happen all I can think about if that...
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    Name a song from the last letter

    Outside - Staind "E"
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    This~or~That THREAD

    Chris Rock Baskin Robbins or Carvel?
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    Wanna know more about BBW & their Admirers

    I have to say that is a fantastic idea.... if only we can be looked at that way
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    I decided to join and to share/get some stuff off of my chest

    welcome to Dims..... & I know how you feel I once was unhappy with how I looked & I realized I am beautiful fat or thin which I have been both. I have gained weight from unhappiness & now I just eat because I am fat & happy & love food. You came to the right place there are some wonderful...
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    anyone catch Denise Crosby on Dexter?

    I have to say that is an awesome show..... I actually step away from the computer to watch.. lol
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    Happy Birthday Sexxybbw69

    thank you xox
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    Happy Birthday Sexxybbw69

    Thank you sweetie xox
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    Trust me, you don't wanna see what I got. Shudder inquiring minds NEED to know :eat2:
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    Have FAs tastes grown over the years?

    I love gently running my tongue in the crease.. men usually love it once they get past the ticklish part:p
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    so how about a belly rub? :D
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    The Art of the Tummy Rub?

    me too...... especially today
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    If it makes ur day...... Have fun I dont take myself seriously but I know when someone busts my chops but we had fun.. so Im done with it
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    I can see u just love to bust chops.. hope it made ur day :doh:
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