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  1. John Smith

    Issues While Entering The Forum

    Am I the only whose Google app attemps to prevent you from entering or involving anywhere in DM or does this website has been flagged?
  2. John Smith

    Lizzo's Twerking Controversy

    Lizzo's Twerking Controversy - Or How a Fat, Apple-Shaped Black Woman's Contrarian "Clout-Trolling" Ever Challenges New Depths of Misogyny, Sexualization, Misogynoir & the Indignant Bigot in this Social Media Era *** How spreading your cheeks at a sexualization-friendly cultural event full of...
  3. John Smith

    A definition of Lipophilia

    "Lipophilia or fat fetishism, also called, and more elegantly expressed, as lipophilia involves the experience of fat, fat body parts, "fat pads" (Corpus adiposum), or just "fatness" as extremely sexually arousing and fulfilling. DSM - V clasifies lipophilia as a type of a paraphilia (lit...
  4. John Smith

    Let's play a game!! (for feeders, carers, enablers, encouragers and F.A.s only)

    Here's an alternate version of the original feedee/gainer centered game-topic found on FF. Have you : 1. Been fed? Never ever. 2. Fed someone IRL? I have overordered for one or two girls these past years, whom one at frequent occurences... but never been an active-duty feeder yet. My role...
  5. John Smith

    A Plus Size Brand Founds A Fitness Club For Bigger Women Of Colour
  6. John Smith

    "My BF Is Obsessed With Obese Girls He Forced Me To Be One"

    Okay, who did this??!!
  7. John Smith

    What the hell, Internet?? Why?? Karina Irby slammed for Body Positivity Discourse

    I'm going to be straight up coarse mannered, but who the infinite f**** are those people who slams a body positivity advocate about a body-positively point she did made about self-image issues?? "After receiving considerable backlash over her photoshopped bikini picture, in which she made...
  8. John Smith

    When she tries to make guilt-tripping you

    She: **posts a picture.** Me: **just commenting some positive words for a first time by incentive politeness.** She: "I see your comments but I never see from you any donation." Me: Like seriously, I heard and read these kind of situations a little too much. Stop it...
  9. John Smith

    Cyberbullying, Prejudices & Other Social Improvment Issues In F.A. social medias-- Your Stories

    Do you have ever, while scrolling up quietly for your own home business into Fat Admiring oriented forums and apps, had past through a situation which turned out negligibly toxic? Had been confrontated to actions or moments that had been left unresolved? Or felt that a situation was logically...
  10. John Smith

    Barely recognizable

    Would anyone had experienced any shocking self-realization or noteworthy personal story after have gained so much you'd look hardly similar to your slimmer self? Lest know or knew somebody who went through such point? Tell your stories.
  11. John Smith

    What happened to the BBW/SSBBW Wikia Page??

    What happened??
  12. John Smith

    Thin Privilege

    "Having 'thin privilege' means not dealing with fat shaming when you tuck into a pizza."
  13. John Smith

    Slowing walking pace, more restraining movements, body space changes, etc

    Good evening from Canada, y'all! As we may notice, I've published a newly rework from my original "body balance changes" from earlier this year (or late this previous year?? Whatever) As many know here, gaining some sizeable extra poundage may progressively affect the way one can have to...
  14. John Smith

    A Documentary About The F.A. Community

  15. John Smith

    Eudoxie Yao - An Ivoirian Phenomenon Wedging Around With Her 60-Inch Bum

    That's probably why Ivoirian people "voient rien" ...
  16. John Smith

    Vegan Recipes For Well Rounded Vegan Gainers

    Enjoy it.
  17. John Smith

    Do you ever balance things on your bum??

    To any bottom-heavy lady around, do you have ever experienced a moment or tried to hold some object or someone onto your backside? Be free to share your story with us! Nota bene: feel free to share your stories about women able to do it too, guys.
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