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    Things we break - New Stories 03.01.2018

    Interesting thread. I think I can contribute with a little story from my past. One of my ex-girlfriends was very large (well all of my ex-gfs were large). But she was 180cm tall (5'11) and her weight fluctuated between 130kg and 136kg) (285lbs and 300lbs) while we were together. She had very...
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    Breaking Chairs!

    Yes, she did. It was a cheap metal-plastic fold chair. She pulled it up and just let herself fall on it. The whole chair tilted to the side and I saw that the metal parts on one side was bent. She didn't care, she kept sitting on it while the chair tilted more and more to the side. Eventually...
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    Breaking Chairs!

    One of my ex-gf would have broken these kind of chairs. She was 5'10 and approx. 280lbs. Most of her weight was in her huge thighs and belly. She used to sit down quite carelessly, especially when she was tipsy from drinking.
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    Breaking Chairs!

    My ex-gf broke a wooden chair which she had in the kitchen. She was 5'11 tall and her weight was 295lbs.
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    Things we break :)

    It’s been a while. I promised to post some stories, so I’ll start with the first one. Let's call the 1st girl Susan. She was taller than me at about 5'10” (I'm 5'7) and when I first met her she weighed about 205lbs. She was quite chubby with large boobs, her arms where thick and her belly was...
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    Things we break :)

    I agree. At least for me, I prefer a very self-confident and proud-of-her-size BBW, although they are not so common. I have known a few of this kind, which is really fun. But those BBW who break chairs and enjoy it are really scarce. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to meet someone like...
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    My kitten has gone missing :(

    So glad you found Bob! I really felt sad when I read the first posts. I've lost some cats too, when I was a child and I could feel the pain. So nice to get good news!
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