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    What is your weight right now?

    160 pounds, I can't believe I lost 80 pounds in a year! Doesn't sound that much in kilograms.
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    FatGraph calculator v.2

    Here is an update version of my fat graph calculator for windows. Hope you have fun with your planning.
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    Feedism - Personally into overeating, being fat or getting fatter? Count yourself in!

    I am FA and a self-feedee. I have sort of conviction that everyone should stuff themselves as much or as little as they want (more the merrier) and I practise this on daily basis. So far I am winning.
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    In a perfect utopia, how big would you be?

    If life is so simple I would like to be around 360, with most of it carrying in front of me in a huge belly. But in real life I will probably settle for 200 pounds, which is about 20 less than now. Less erotic but more practical.
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    Oh, let me bring my very own old DA page with bunch of ghotics 3d renderings.
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    Fat Graph - Correct Fat Gain Calculator

    Here is a gift for you - a fat calculator. It uses all the correct calculations to show you how much you gain over period of time if you eat that much of calories per day.... Hope you find it at least entertaining.
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    WG Art

    I put some more art at the P.S. Cypress_bbw, you are certainly an inspiration :-)
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    WG Art

    The site is I will up some more images later.
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    WG Art

    I actually did post another image, but now it says my messages has to be approved by moderator and the message didn't appear. Well, maybe you are right, I have to look for a site. I registered at devianart but I am not quite sure how this work. What is a subscription and what is difference...
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    Tube Feeding, Any Suggestions?

    Without going into the futile debate if it is right or not I am going to post some personal tips and tricks for people who are seriously interested. I had been introduced to tube feeding by my ex girlfriend who was (as I thought at that time) into some weird kinky stuff. I later somehow...
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    WG Art

    Thank you for good sugestion. I will check the devianart. But do they allow for some mild nudity? I am trying to learn from old painters such as Rembrandt/Rubens/Vermeer about lights and contrast and apply this to 3D.... there is a long way.
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    WG Art

    I have plenty of my very own WG 3D art. It is often a bit of gothic theme (the original sizes are 3000x2000). I have no intention to create and maintain web page, but I would like to put it somewhere. If you have some sugestions, let me know. Here is one sample:
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