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  1. JustPlainJim

    MissaF update

    Glad to hear she's doing better... Thanks for checking in on her, Stan!
  2. JustPlainJim


    JustPlainJim... Comes froma time when I was going to forums all over the interwebs and would choose these weird-ass names every time. As I was signing up for one, I asked myself "Okay, what am I? I'm Jim. That's all. Just plain Jim." Buuuut, that's kinda dull compared to my other net names. My...
  3. JustPlainJim

    What are your plans for Valentine's Day?

    So far I've cursed the name of everyone in love, swore that if I saw another heart I was going to start stabbing people... then realized I've become one of those horrible bitter people that I hate so much. Now... So, it's just another Thursday night.
  4. JustPlainJim

    The Masturbation Poll!

    I maxed out at nine times one day.
  5. JustPlainJim

    Favourite Movie Characters

    I have to say the first name that came to mind. Bruce Campbell as Ash in the Evil Dead trilogy (and the crappy video games that followed)
  6. JustPlainJim

    tall women in heels

    Personally, I'd rather like it. Then again, I'm attracted to tall women. :P
  7. JustPlainJim

    Old games you used to play...

    Pretty much. They also made a second-gen SNES (didn't get that)... Actually, at one point I had four 1st-gen NES's and a 2nd gen... All worked fine. (The joy of yard sales) Oh, and with the Game Genie, Galoob had a special adapter you could get so that the GG would work in the 2nd Gens. Yep, I...
  8. JustPlainJim

    Old games you used to play...

    I've been buying old NES and SNES games on my Wii's virtual console... Things like the original Legend of Zelda, Link to the Past, Super Mario World, R-Type, and Ninja Gaiden. ... Umm... Have those games gotten harder, or have I been playing too many easy games lately? >_>; Super Mario World...
  9. JustPlainJim

    Kelli Destorys Wal-Mart

    Ya see, should have done what my brother and I do. He (SOMEHOW) got kicked out of the local Wal*Mart... and not for his usual antics which include cart-jousting and the ever-popular oversized-holiday-candycane-swordfights. Better still! Get a nice large object (preferably bigger than your...
  10. JustPlainJim

    Any gamers around here?

    Knotty, I feel for you. I've never worked in one of those places, but I hang around the local Gamestop enough that I see some of the crazy people... *pats* There, there...
  11. JustPlainJim

    Overcoming my wife's size acceptance

    CFA, I loke your post, and your attitude. I can kinda relate to what your wife is going through, as far as self esteem issues. Having you constantly tell her she's sexy and exactly what is sexy about her should help... But, when it was me in her shoes (god, that sounds wrong considiering I'm...
  12. JustPlainJim

    Any gamers around here?

    You know, I think I could almost say "I've been a gamer since before you were born"... and it'd be true. Been a gamer for two decades, ever since my family found an Atari 2600 when I was a kid. ^_^ These days, I have my PS2, my Wii and my DS. Have a PSP, but most of the games I've already...
  13. JustPlainJim

    The 2007 Singles Thread

    I'm quite single. Worse yet, I'm single, it's springtime and it's one of those times where it feels like every single one of my friends is finding someone... except me! Poor Jim. Poor, poor, Jim. I'm seeking a woman, preferably with a pulse and preferably without a psychotic streak that makes...
  14. JustPlainJim

    "Hey, Fat Dude"

    Oh, believe me, I had a few insults in my mind. But, then, screaming insults to a child in the middle of a grocery store parking lot wouldn't have been the the most sane thing to do. And if I'm going to be crazy, I'm going to have fun with it. Jes? Making fun of me being a computer nerd? ...
  15. JustPlainJim

    "Hey, Fat Dude"

    Ya know, I haven't ranted here in a while. And, because it's late enough that I'm losing some of my sanity, I feel the urge to bless everyone with a rant. Something that bothers me about the youth of today... I'll get to that, but first the story... I was leaving Subway because I think...
  16. JustPlainJim

    Happy Birthday, Missaf!

    Oh my-! I'm so sorry! I forgot!! Some friend I am!! T_T Happy birthday!!!
  17. JustPlainJim

    A Fat Rant- Youtube

    Typing this while half-buzzed (sleepy, so brain half-working) That page shows what I love about humanity... and what I hate about humanity. The video was uplifting and inspiring (plus, she's pretty sexy). It gave me that little confidence boost that I kinda need every so often. The...
  18. JustPlainJim

    ::MSPaint Challenge::

    Thanks, muchly! I got fairly good at drawing with a mouse when I get so horribly bored at work. XD Company machines don't have Solitaire or Minesweeper. (( Side note: That pic was my 200th post!! ))
  19. JustPlainJim

    ::MSPaint Challenge::

    Too late! Dangit!!
  20. JustPlainJim

    ::MSPaint Challenge::

    You got it! Captions, anyone? Here's mine- Whale: "I thought penquins were at the SOUTH pole?" Camel: "Aww, get off my back, will ya?!" (dumb, I know)