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  1. JustPlainJim

    "Hey, Fat Dude"

    Ya know, I haven't ranted here in a while. And, because it's late enough that I'm losing some of my sanity, I feel the urge to bless everyone with a rant. Something that bothers me about the youth of today... I'll get to that, but first the story... I was leaving Subway because I think...
  2. JustPlainJim

    Looking to Lose

    I know I'm going to get so many flames for this... I hate scales. I hate hem with a firey passion because the damn things can't lie and tell me what I want to hear. For the first time in about a decade I stepped on a scale today and found out that I weighed significantly more than what I...
  3. JustPlainJim

    Wierdest Gift Ever

    Hello, folks. Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Jim here with another attempt to gain popularity. I mean, "post". As you all are painfully aware by now, the holidays are comming up. A time of givinsg, a time to reflect on the previous year, a time to be thankful and a time look at those...
  4. JustPlainJim

    Love and Lust

    Nya. I was going to post this as a rant, so it may be deleted (or worse yet ignored!). Still, I want some opinions. Love and Lust. What's the difference? Oh, sure, I know the answer, and many of you know the answer, but from some of the posts I've read and from what some people have said...
  5. JustPlainJim

    Naming your body parts

    (I name all mine "Bob") Hola, folks! It's Thrusday night, I've gone mad and at least one person out there has comended me on my sense of humor, so ya know what? I think it's time we take some of those "random confessions" and make 'em a bit less random. Body parts. If you have a body, it...
  6. JustPlainJim

    Making Fun of Myself

    Ya know. People take themselves too too seriously sometimes. *hops on my worn-out soapbox* We look at the world and we see nothing but conflicts. We look at our own lives and see nothing but the people that wish to do us harm. It doesn't have to be that way. *puts on the "I'm an Idealist"...
  7. JustPlainJim

    How big is "Big"?

    Ya knwo, something's been going through my mind for a bit now. Sure it's BHM and BBW, but... just what constitutes "big"? Just a look? A feel? A particular shape? A state of mind? Some super-special calculation like "Body Mass Index" or some other bullsh*t? ... My reason for asking is...
  8. JustPlainJim

    The Dating Game - online relationships and experiences

    Wow, I think I'm just "all that", being here a few days and making my own topics. Walkin' around here like I own the place. ;) Okay, back on track. I'm not ashamed I'm a rookie to this whole "dating" thing and these "relationships". I lived a pretty sheltered live so at 24, I've only had...
  9. JustPlainJim

    The new guy

    Hello, folks. (boy, it'd be nice to have a part of the forum just for introductions. ^_^;; ) The name's Jim (if you couldn't tell by the screen name. By night, I am Captain Obvious!) Since this is the BHM/FFA part of he forums, I though I'd start here. I've got he "B" and the "M" parts...