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  1. HeatherBBW

    RIP SoVerySoft

    A long time community member here and a fierce, fabulous, fat supporting gal has passed away. SoVerySoft passed yesterday and I know she has friends here that would want to know. There is no further info other than it wasn’t covid-19 related. May she be at peace and her life celebrated by...
  2. HeatherBBW

    Moving to Southern CA

    Hi folks, I soon will be relocating to Southern CA. I'll be about 45 minutes east of LA. I'd love any insider info and also to make new friends. I'd also love to catch up with old friends too! I'm also going to be in the market for new furniture and have no idea about the local stores...
  3. HeatherBBW

    Feederism Today

    I'm finding that lots more younger people are owning their feedee/feeder fantasies whereas when I was growing up and also amongst the Dims crowd it was very much considered racy or had urban myths attached to it where guy meets girl, guy fattens up girl, guy leaves girl helpless to fatten new...
  4. HeatherBBW

    News & Help for Deidrababe

    Hi folks, I'm sharing a fundraiser that I'm coordinating to help one of our community members the ability to have a final wish come to reality. You can read her story in the campaign. If you can help by donating that'd be wonderful and if you aren't able to do that (or even if you can!) can...
  5. HeatherBBW

    Happy Birthday AnnMarie!

    I hope you will all join in me in wishing AM a Happy, Happy Birthday! She works tirelessly to help moderate these boards and now it's time to let her relax a little and soak up the well wishes. I'll start it off with my birthday wishes :) CubHiya, I'll see you later and I'm hoping...
  6. HeatherBBW

    35,000 year old fat woman carving!

    It seems that long ago... FAs were being just as creative then as they are today in depicting womanly forms they prefer in their artwork.
  7. HeatherBBW

    World Of Warcraft - Fat Guild - Alliance this time!

    Hi Folks, I've been meaning to make this post for awhile, but I keep forgetting. Candy Godiva and all of us loyal fa/fat fighters have joined up on the Alliance side now on Tanaris. Feel free to join us, do a /who The Others and ask for an invite and mention you are from Dimensions. Everyone...
  8. HeatherBBW

    Sad News: Roy Wild has passed away :(

    Hi Everyone, I thought it was important to make aware the people of Dimensions about the passing of Roy Wild. Not only to inform those who knew and loved them, but to allow others to know that we lost an amazing FA who has been part of the size acceptance movement for over 20++ years. Roy was...
  9. HeatherBBW

    Weight Gain Powders, etc.

    First off, I am not looking for flames here. I am just wanting to ask a simple question. I know many people into weight gain have tried shakes from GNC or the like. I myself have them, but they taste horrid even if you spruce them up. After awhile the results from them don't outweigh the...
  10. HeatherBBW

    Heavenly Bodies Bash Tees By Generation XL

    Hi Folks, Here is a graphic I made up for those interested in pre-ordering their specific color and size. I will be ordering extras to have for sale at the event, but if you want something exact, then please send me a PM with your order. These shirts will be professionally done and cute...
  11. HeatherBBW

    Moby an FA?

    Moby has revealed that he has a crush on Britney Spears, saying: "The fatter she gets, the weirder she gets, and the more I love her" (The Sun) Hey, I'll take it any way I can get it. It's a fat positive comment even with the "weird" thrown in and it was on the top of AOL's news banner today.
  12. HeatherBBW

    Happy Birthday AnnMarie! :)

    Special wishes on your special day with a Monkey to mix it up a bit! :) I love you and couldn't ask for a better friend. I am sure many people will agree that you are top notch! Enjoy your day! Happy Happy!
  13. HeatherBBW

    Ancient Fat Girl Secret - Re: Coffee Cake

    Okie listen up people. I tell you this because I am feeling VERY generous at the moment. Best cakes ever... I ordered the Apple Walnut one about a year ago from my little sister's fundraising drive at school. There was a whacky bunch of catalogs that had stuff...
  14. HeatherBBW

    MRIs for bigger folks!

    I am the coordinator for the NAAFA Convention and this year we have an advertiser for this MRI machine that fits for bigger folks. I know that I had issues when I needed one fitting into a standard machine and it was no fun at all - so thought that this would be a good place to post the link...
  15. HeatherBBW

    2006 NAAFA Convention

    Hi Folks, Just a reminder that the NAAFA Convention is being held this year in Massachusetts. I am the volunteer coordinator :) The normal east coast NAAFA crowd coupled with my group Heavenly Bodies and I am thinking this is gonna be a super busy year, so if you are interested in attending...
  16. HeatherBBW

    The IM of Two Very Fat n Happy Girls

    I thought you'd guys would get a kick out of this LOL Fat Hugs, Heather :eat1: BigCutieSable [7:35 P.M.]:* hey hun HeatherBBW [7:35 P.M.]:* hey BigCutieSable [7:38 P.M.]:* i just wanted to know, whats been decided on for vaca BigCutieSable [7:39 P.M.]:* or should i call you?...i...
  17. HeatherBBW

    Big Fat Comfy Underwear

    Hey Everyone, Was hoping that title would get your attention! :) Okie, I have a problem. I like new underwear, comfy ones that I can wear and most times I throw them out after I wear them once or twice. I just like new ones... ahh a guilty, guilty pleasure. (Trust me, my friends already...
  18. HeatherBBW

    NYC Gathering Tues March 28th - I picked the location - please read. Join Us?

    Bah.. you'd think I would be working on the talk itself instead of trying to figure out a place to stay in NYC and to gather afterwards. Anyhoo.. onto the important stuff. Thank you to everyone who posted and emailed me suggestions. I know my way around NY as well being I was born and raised...
  19. HeatherBBW

    NYers - need a little help

    I am doing a talk at NYU (Info Below) next week and I know that some people from our community are going to attend. I thought it would be nice to possibly gather afterwards at a fat friendly place that is comfy. Anyone know if there is anything nearby or a short cabride away? Thanks in advance...
  20. HeatherBBW

    Fat Porn: Tipping The Scales - Location Change & RSVP

    I know many of you were thinking of coming to this, so here is the updated information: A change in location.. here is what they sent me. Looks like if you want to come you should RSVP as well just in case. The Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality New York University presents...