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  1. fatlilboy

    MUTUAL GAINER. Let's fatten up. I LOVE FAT!! Everything about it - especially Hansel and...

    MUTUAL GAINER. Let's fatten up. I LOVE FAT!! Everything about it - especially Hansel and Gretel and being fattened for MEAT!
  2. fatlilboy

    An older man who has been sexually flirting with me asked me if I’m pregnant.

    Sounds to me like he's hitting on you bigtime - and maybe phishing for answers regarding pregnancy to make certain he could have a chance with you. He's a tease and you seem to dig him and what he's doing and how he's doing it and that's perfectly okay. If it makes you happy and turns you on...
  3. fatlilboy

    You're fine the way you are. I would never judge you - you are just enjoying yourself and I...

    You're fine the way you are. I would never judge you - you are just enjoying yourself and I don't think you've been shamed. You are, instead, being admired.
  4. fatlilboy

    The biggest I've ever been!

    You are always gorgeous and lovely! Keep growing. It looks so amazing on you.
  5. fatlilboy

    BHM Matt Gets Fat (~BHM, ~XWG)

    Everyone I talk to LOVES this - please keep going. You're a cult favorite of ours.
  6. fatlilboy

    Ruby Ripples has passed away.

    I read about that a few weeks ago and remember looking for a photo of Katy in Dimensions at that time, and couldn't find any. I think it does help to know causes of death in that we are all involved in this lifestyle, so it gives us knowledge as to the actual experiences of others rather than...
  7. fatlilboy

    You look hungry.

    Did you just plagiarize me? Kidding - I loved the story as well. It's brought me to climax many times. You should write more often!:bow::smitten:
  8. fatlilboy

    You look hungry. - Are you belly_kitty? This is the exact same story - and its title is "You're Filling out Nicely Pig". It's letter for letter the same one. Just not sure if you are her or are a plagiarist.:(
  9. fatlilboy

    Where is Ni-Ki Gainer?

    I hate when people shamelessly plug something completely untrue about the person and more for the plug.
  10. fatlilboy

    BHM The Loaner (SSBHM, XWG)

    OMG are you amazing!
  11. fatlilboy

    You're Going on a Diet!

    ....and double that chin!
  12. fatlilboy

    BHM Clive and Julianna (BHM and FFA Romance)

    OMG - always a great teaser for the next installment. Your work is awesome - always so well described and gradual of growth.
  13. fatlilboy

    BOTH Managed Care (SSBHM and growing bbw)

    This is the beginning of a beeeaauuuutiful friendship. Fatten them up good....I want to see massive growth.....not crazy quick - just get some meat on dem bones buddy!
  14. fatlilboy

    how come there aren't alot of force feeding stories???

    You really need to look, but they are out there. I'm into the same as you, except I am turned on by force feeding/kidnap stories no matter who it happens to as long as they are human. They ARE few and far between, but VERY prevalent in the gay community, which I am not a part of, but I read...
  15. fatlilboy

    BHM The Hardest Deal to Close (BHM~FFA/Romance)

    Such a wonderful story and so well written. So many ways to go with this and all of them UP!:eat2::eat1::wubu::smitten::bow::shocked:
  16. fatlilboy

    lady gagas boyfriend likes her curvier figure

    I can't believe some of you people. She is an original. I remember her when I was at NYU, performing like nobody's business. She blew away broadway afficianados and is such an amazing performer and all-around talent. You go and write your own music and lyrics, dance like the devil, play...
  17. fatlilboy

    The Soul Mate - by UKLionheart (~BBW, Force Feeding, ~~WG)

    :eat1::eat2::bow: THIS IS SOOOO FRIGGIN GREAT!!!!
  18. fatlilboy

    "Love Song of Circe" (BHM WG Stuffing and man-to-pig transformation, erotica)

    You are AMAZING! This was the BEST beginning of a story I have heard in a VERY long time!!
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