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  1. Jack Skellington

    Happy Halloween!!

    It's getting to be that time of year again so I am going to be scarce for a bit. Crops to wither, milk to sour, busy, busy, busy. Just wanted to wish every one a safe and Happy Halloween before I'm off! Now, where's my broom? ;)
  2. Jack Skellington

    Classic toy commercials

    I love these. :) Captain Action Major Matt Mason GI JOE with Kung Fu Grip Superstar Barbie Slinky...
  3. Jack Skellington

    My fellow video game nerds, whatcha been playing? Part 2

    My fellow video game nerds, whatcha been playing? THE REVENGE. Okay, the old the one's getting a little long so I was asked to start a new one (link to part 1). So...watcha playin now? :D I got Sims 3 last week. Never played Sims on the PC only PS2. Took a while to get used to the click style...
  4. Jack Skellington

    Which Witch are you? Yes, another quiz.

    Since the Austen Heroine quiz was so much fun, I thought I'd post this: My Results: "Wicked Witch from Wizard of Oz A little screechy, a little evil, a lot vengeful." That is SO me.
  5. Jack Skellington

    Disney's Princess and the Frog trailer

    Beautiful looking classic style Disney animation.
  6. Jack Skellington

    Am I the only one excited for the new Star Trek movie?

    No other Trek nerds here?
  7. Jack Skellington

    Comedian, Chef, BHM Dom DeLuise has passed away.

    Rest in piece Captain Chaos. :(
  8. Jack Skellington

    Hi, sorry I've been away so long.

    Hi. I'm sorry I've been away so long. I want everyone to know it had nothing to do with the forums or anyone here. I had some things I had to take care of and I ending up being away longer than I thought. Hope everyone is doing well. :)
  9. Jack Skellington

    New BBW Toon Fairy Queen

    Fairies are not something I usually draw so she still turn out kinda gothic and Witchy.
  10. Jack Skellington

    BBW toon art repost

    For Green Eyed Fairy. Hope you like. :)
  11. Jack Skellington

    The Boy George thread.

    Not of course to be confused with the other boy threads. So, who likes Culture Club? Not judging. Just curious.
  12. Jack Skellington

    Okay, here’s something I don’t get. Musk scented cologne.

    Okay, have you ever noticed how bad men smell? That kinda I guess natural musky stink that men have that totally gets worse when they get hotter. You know like when you are waiting in an a check out line and it’s like really crowded and there are a lot of men in line and some jerk has like a...
  13. Jack Skellington

    Lord of Lounge Lizards

    Quite possibly the most important poll you will EVER take. Who is the Lord of the Lounge Lizards?
  14. Jack Skellington

    Virus on dimensions main page

    When I go to it now triggers my virus detection software. The forums don't seem to be affected. Just the main page.
  15. Jack Skellington

    Elvira Mistress of the Dark meets Leslie Hall

    Found this on Elvira's site. Zombie Killer.
  16. Jack Skellington

    Indiana Jones 4 official teaser trailer.

    Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull. This movie is going to kick so much ass.
  17. Jack Skellington

    Puppy and kitten pictures

    Here's a pic of my poodle Wolfie as a baby biting his favorite toy Mr. Quackers. He was such a little ball of fuzz and had the brightest fiery red hair when he was a puppy. His hair is more of a cream color now.
  18. Jack Skellington

    My fellow video game nerds, whatcha been playing? Part 1

    Yesterday I picked up a copy of Heavenly Sword. I'm liking it so far. It's a beautiful looking beat em button masher. I'm not sure if it lives up to Sony's stratospheric hype, but it a solid game and pretty dang amazing looking. Before that I had picked up Metroid Prime Corruption (awesome...
  19. Jack Skellington

    I love this song or you can officially find just everything on youtube.

    Never was a love like mine sung by Gale Garnett from the Mad Monster Party soundtrack. I LOVE this song.
  20. Jack Skellington

    This calls for the Kung Fu Grip!

    Thought I'd pass on this info in case there are any other GI JOE or retro toy fans here. Walmart is selling a set of five exclusive reproductions of the original Adventure Team GI JOE Kung Fu Grip figures. What's so great about these you might ask? Well, they are not just GI JOEs and they...