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  1. tattooU

    What do use your boobs for? - BBW Only Please!

    My hands get cold a lot. Luckily i have my boobs to warm them. i generally tuck them between my opposite arm and my boob for optimal heating. Underneath seems like a tender spot to tuck my hands, then again, i have ice hands :( i think the only other thing i use them for is a money holder...
  2. tattooU

    Looking for fishtail or bustle skirts

    Hey ladies, i've spent a few hours now searching the internet with little luck, so i turn to you! i'm looking for a black fishtail or bustle skirt. i'm roughly a 16/18 and would prefer knee length, but am open to ankle length. If anyone could point me towards a store, seamstress or...
  3. tattooU

    The HOTTER Boy Thread (aka: The Hot Boy Thread - The Sequel)

    Thanks hun! i'll share the first two, but the last one is ALL MINE! ;)
  4. tattooU

    The HOTTER Boy Thread (aka: The Hot Boy Thread - The Sequel)

    Yay for hawt boys! :D Ok, so my bff introduced me to this man Michael Franti. Apparently he makes music or something... whatever. i'm not a big reggae fan, but i could be And of course, any man who can make you laugh... Awww, Simon's so...
  5. tattooU

    Lived a little and wiser for it

    This is such a great bit of philosophy! i think the main thing i would tell the younger me would be to accept the dimensions of my frame. If your body doesn't fit into a particular piece of clothing, it's not because your body is wrong, the clothing is wrong! Everyone, big and small, fights...
  6. tattooU

    Got happy?

    Obviously, happiness is many things to many people. For me, it's knowing i am loved (family, friends, boyfriend and dogs), i have a roof over my head and a job to go to everyday. And especially control over my life. This isn't to say that my lack of money doesn't stress me out, or that my piles...
  7. tattooU

    Advice Needed!! / Sorry Long / GEF?

    Steely, i've never recieved one either... and i definitely count myself lucky!! :D i mean really, what good are they on the computer screen!? LOL
  8. tattooU

    Childless By Choice

    Glad to see/read this thread! i've never wanted children, much to the dismay of my stepmother. i was married for 10 years, and i think she waited with baited breath every year for us to give her some grandbaby news. When my ex-husband got the good ol' snip i think it finally sunk in. But...
  9. tattooU

    Abandonment Issues and How They Affect Your Life

    i wish i had more time to read this tonight, it seems i have worse abandonment issues than i thought. Not really surprising though, my family history includes a lot of addiction and death at a young age. Detachment and appeasement behaviors are how i express my fucked up childhood. Go me...
  10. tattooU

    Which Horror Killer are You?

    You Scored as Pinhead You are Pinhead. You come straight from hell. Your curiosity has caused you to make some mistakes in life. But you are now more powerful than you have ever been. You enjoy pain just as much as you enjoy pleasure. Unlike most killers, you like to make sure your victims...
  11. tattooU

    Lovers of BGA (big girl art) gather 'round

    Sooo much great stuff! Thanks for sharing :-)
  12. tattooU

    The all-purpose sewing thread (with bonus confessions)

    W00T!! :D Dammit! i can't rep her either! Someone needs to help a sista out!
  13. tattooU

    The all-purpose sewing thread (with bonus confessions)

    That is fabu Sasha! Again, i'm totally jealous of your skillz! Dammit! i'm gonna make you sew me something! But what...?
  14. tattooU

    The last movie you watched... and score out of ten - Part 1

    i watched Wolverine last night and i think i'm still angry about it. While his real history is confusing and tangled, the plot they threw together seemed pretty far from any storyline written about the guy. And really, wolverines howling at the moon?! :mad: That was the first time i wanted to...
  15. tattooU

    Bursts of color from under the sea

    Beautiful! Fantastic photos Conrad :)
  16. tattooU

    Hot Boy Thread!

    This man has been the topic of conversation a lot lately. 6'4" and a redhead *sigh* He's definitely part of the reason i have the ginger perversion :smitten:
  17. tattooU

    Tall guys: Please post pix kthnxbye

    If i ever fell witness to this sight, it would certainly drive me to the coast far more often. :happy:
  18. tattooU

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Toil!

    Happy Birthday!
  19. tattooU

    Post Your Goofiest Pictures

    You are so flippin' adorable!
  20. tattooU

    Comic book/cartoon character crushes

    i can't believe i'm going to admit this... Although, i caught a glimpse of a Wolverine Origins trailer last night and giggled with glee. The live action version seems like such a great idea :D