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  1. RJI

    Dating a Big Guy article

    Saw this earlier.
  2. RJI

    What attracts you to a larger man?

    Ladies what is it that attracts you to those of us that are larger? I have dated several woman that say it is the secure feeling they get and as a bonus we are cuddly. I have also been with a few that just have a fetish. Those that were about the fetish were never considered for...
  3. RJI

    Where are YOU located?

    Not everyone has a location listed so I was curious where everyone is from/living. I am in Southern New Jersey just mins from Philadelphia. PS Don't be specific if you fear a stalker... (I welcome them)
  4. RJI

    How about if I give you something to eat?

    So at work today I was reading an email complaint from a customer. This particular customer was a self described 500lb plus man and had an issue with the passenger sitting in the seat next to him. The other passenger was upset that the larger man was taking up some of his seat and went to the...
  5. RJI

    Facebook anyone?

    I am making a facebook and was wondering who else has one? I have one already that I use to keep in touch with my nieces in Florida and Hawaii but I am making a separate FB so i can expand my friends in the BHM/FFA section. I like FB because i can keep it private from the outside world and...
  6. RJI

    Crab Dip Recipe?

    Anyone have a kick ass crab dip recipe? I'm getting my Super Bowl menu together i have been craving some fresh crab dip.
  7. RJI

    Hairy Chest or No?

    I normally keep well groomed but during the Winter months i tend to let the chest hair go and was just curious if its a turn off? I have light hair so i don't think its overly offensive but i want to know what you think... Guys do you let yours go also?