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  1. RJI

    You know you are an FFa when.......?

    Practice makes perfect but there are no rules to this game.
  2. RJI

    Not sure what I’m doing wrong

    This is good advice! Many of my larger friends aren't used to getting attention from women. If they feel that the only reason you are talking to them is a fetish, you will most likely scare them off. Go the traditional dating route and build a relationship if possible and just admire them...
  3. RJI

    Gay Porn

    You ladies may have to make your own private stash of movies. I never knew what a "Bear" was until this I came on here, now I have much less hair to avoid the awkward PM's :)
  4. RJI

    Dating a Big Guy article

    Saw this earlier.
  5. RJI

    Rep whines

  6. RJI

    Help with winter sport clothing.

    Ski pants in our sizes may not be so easy to find. Do you have a casual male/destination XL near you? If not check their website out. You may not find ski clothes but you can layer up with thermals etc to keep warm. Snow tubing is...
  7. RJI

    What attracts you to a larger man?

    You have to be confident in your own skin, then you will be surprised how many people will approach you. Also like Hozay said let people know you are interested. Worst thing anyone can say is no... and move on to the next. Don't give up.
  8. RJI

    What attracts you to a larger man?

    Sorry not trying to be mean. I like to base my relationships on more then a physical attraction or fetish. I find that people who start a relationship based on a fetish have nothing to fall back on during a rough patch especially if that fetish is sexual. What happens if that individual loses...
  9. RJI

    What are you happy about today?

    Happy to be spending the afternoon with my nieces making Holiday cookies. (2 and 4 years old)
  10. RJI

    What attracts you to a larger man?

    Ladies what is it that attracts you to those of us that are larger? I have dated several woman that say it is the secure feeling they get and as a bonus we are cuddly. I have also been with a few that just have a fetish. Those that were about the fetish were never considered for...
  11. RJI

    Xmas gifts for FFAs/BHMs

    Actually very useful and a great idea! I don't need them in my car but I did buy some for the Airplane since the stewardess can make a scene if you ask for one or two of theirs.
  12. RJI

    Breaking up with...your family?

    I have for the most part cut off most of my "blood" family. I have one sister who I am proud to associate with but the rest became anchors and needed to be gone from my life for my own happiness. I came to realize that I would never accept the things they did to me from my friends and coworkers...
  13. RJI

    Rep whines

    Back for Holidays Rep
  14. RJI

    Reunions - Love them or leave them?

    I have one coming up and can't wait to strut every pound of my awesomeness in there.
  15. RJI

    Rep whines

    I have to reached my maximum for today :(, I'll get the rest tomorrow :)
  16. RJI

    BHM's & FFA's What would you want to do on a date?

    I wish we had a theatre like that!
  17. RJI

    FFAs wearing their BHM's clothing!

    I have had an issue over the years of girls "borrowing" my sweatshirts and sweaters because they are large and comfy but they never get returned...
  18. RJI

    Do you get a lot of chicks?

    I have never had a problem meeting girls but I always thought it was more of my personality/charm/confidence and not my size, until I found out what a FFA was :)
  19. RJI

    Eff Eff Eeeeeeeeeys

    Thought maybe I was going retarded with all the penis that was posting in this thread :)
  20. RJI

    You want me to do what?!

    I have another. One time this girl and I were having awesome drunk sex on the hood of my RX7 (perfect height) and a Cop car pulls behind the building where we were and hits us with the spotlight. He just gets on his loud speaker and tells us to get our shit and GTFO. It was like 5am and I am...