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  1. midnightrogue

    I was just wondering...................

    ...................who sent me a sent me my secret snowflake over christmas? whoever it was thanks a lot. :wubu: now reveal yourself!
  2. midnightrogue

    Ask a bloke who just ate 15 bags of crisps anything.............

    except do i want another bag!
  3. midnightrogue

    want to dominate?

    to own Wal-Mart press #9607 on any wall phone at Wal-Mart to be able to speak over the loudspeakers...........oppertunity for mucho jesting :)
  4. midnightrogue

    Twitter is total crap - convince me otherwise!

    it's a media myth that Twitter is anything other than wank.
  5. midnightrogue

    Which is your favourite thread and why?

    Which is your favourite thread and why?
  6. midnightrogue

    £18million auction of fat art

    A painting of a naked JobCentre manager by Lucian Freud is expected to become the most expensive picture by a living artist ever sold when it goes under the hammer in New York next month. The 85-year-old artist's huge canvas is predicted to make up to $35million (£18million) for its owner, a...
  7. midnightrogue

    Fat America

    Just wondered if anyone has any thoughts on this piece by Dr Glen Barry who writes : The American Dream and Earth's Ecosystems Fade as Land of Plenty Becomes the Land of Excess In a world of extreme depredation and looming ecological collapse, it is obscene that nearly two thirds of...
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