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  1. missy_blue_eyez

    Killing of a fat person not so bad? Article

    Just thought I would post this around here after I saw it floating around on Twitter! I was so appalled!
  2. missy_blue_eyez

    Miss BBW UK 2010

    So I just thought Id post this here for anyone who may be interested, the results were made over the weekend for the winner of the first ever Miss BBW UK 2010 Pageant organised and run by Big Girls Paradise and I was actually surprised today that the Uk's rag, The Sun actually wrote a nice...
  3. missy_blue_eyez

    Eshakti....thoughts, experiences please!!!!

    Hi ladies! So I have just discovered eShakti and I am in :smitten: seriously! Just wondering what experiences you have had with them? Currently have my eye on this......
  4. missy_blue_eyez

    Whats in a name, Evans blog post article....

    So, I was doing my regular blog catch up, and while perusing through the Evans Fashion Fix blog, I had to double take, as I noticed my name, and quotation marks........ A few days ago I had left a comment in response to something a lady had posted on the Evans facebook, the lady posted the...
  5. missy_blue_eyez

    Interesting Guardian article about the 'Fatshion blog-o-sphere'
  6. missy_blue_eyez

    Searching for some lace leggings!!! Any help?

    Hi all, Im after a pair of lace leggings in a Uk size 22/24 or a 26. I have seen some on Simplybe but they are all sold out.....does anyone have a heads up on where else I may find some? like this..... I really love them!
  7. missy_blue_eyez

    New ASOS Curve range launches 22nd Jan!

    I love ASOS and I am so excited for this range.....I have just been catching up on my fave blogs and saw some previews of some of the pieces........ The line is gonna have sizes from a Uk 20-26, Check out..... and...
  8. missy_blue_eyez

    Lose 2st and get £200 on the NHS?

    So I was at work this afternoon, on my break, and there was a copy of the Uk's daily rag hanging around, I unfortunately couldnt help but have a nosey when I spotted the following article...just thought Id post it here...... Im not quite sure what I think of it, its a bit you know dangling...
  9. missy_blue_eyez


    Hey ladies...Ive just discovered this site.....I thought you maybe interested in having a nosey...apologies if its already been posted etc...I have a MASSIVE problem getting tights in the Uk to fit me...actually, I cant get any, Evans dont go anywhere near after having a rant on their...
  10. missy_blue_eyez

    Has anyone every purchased from this ebay store?!

    Hi there...... I was just wondering if anyone has ever purchased from this chinese ebay store..... They have some cute items in the shop, hence why Im posting and asking for any feedback anyone may have. Got my eye on a cute cocktail dress from there but am a little apprehensive...
  11. missy_blue_eyez ..... Just wanting anyfeedback on there clothing?

    So I have discovered Monifc within the last hour and have fallen in love :wubu: bigtime with there dresses, just wondering if anyone has any feedback from them? How does there fit run etc? Im wondering if I could squeeze myself into there 3X, I wear a uk 26ish...
  12. missy_blue_eyez

    FA in the Uk Big Brother house!!!

    Woooo lets hope Cairon the self confessed 'Big women lover' does some good for us! :) that is all! hehe
  13. missy_blue_eyez

    Torn between shoes!

    Just wanted a few opinions on some shoes I am torn between..........I love all 3 pairs but I just dont know which ones to get.....and I cant really afford all 3! I love this pair and honestly think they would get the most wear, they would go with literally everything in my wardrobe, but I...
  14. missy_blue_eyez

    Do you know why you are fat?!

    So, Ive been thinking this evening about the reasons why I am fat. Im going to try and word this best as I can so you all understand but Im asking more for psychological reasons if you know? Memories, things that have happened etc? What bought this on is I have watched a program this evening...
  15. missy_blue_eyez

    Not trying to cause a storm in a teacup but has anybody seen this..... I came across it as I was perusing the Adipositivity Project site. Im only half way through reading it.......... Anyone here contributed to it, or seen it? Any thoughts? Just thought it was an interesting forum thread to highlight........
  16. missy_blue_eyez

    Evans got funky!!!!

    So, I was just having a nosey at the Evans website and I got all excited about loads of their new stuff! So this thread is to just really show you all some of the fab styles they have over there at the moment! I have just ordered this! Cant wait for it to arrive!
  17. missy_blue_eyez

    Big Girls Paradise Curvy Kitten in Fabulous magazine, looking.....FABULOUS!

    I just wanted to start this thread for, my appreciation of Fabulous magazine and its size positive outlook......They did an article a few months ago about Big Girls Paradise and our very own Ben_From_England was interviewed......they have recently produced another article called... 'We LOVE...
  18. missy_blue_eyez


    Hi all Just thought I would share my find with you all, was just browsing Ebay and found this plus-sized store/seller....... I havent bought from them yet but am definately intending too. There is some really cute stuff, dresses, skirts, shirts etc and some of the stuff goes up to a UK size...
  19. missy_blue_eyez

    Plus size Fancy dress costumes? Available in the Uk? Any help??

    Hi all! I always find it difficult to find plus sized fancy dress/halloween/dressing up clothes available to the Uk. Does any one know anywhere that is useful? Even an America/overseas place that will ship to the Uk? (Reasonable shipping rates!) I just googled it and havent really...
  20. missy_blue_eyez

    Post a picture of you in......your Pyjama's!!!!

    Ok, so I am a massive lover of pyjama's and am very interested in seeing everyones nightwear! hehe I love cute pj's! Ill start the ball rolling! Come on lets have a look! hehe
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