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  1. MNSSBBWpearseeker

    Lotion massages for BBWs

    I love giving them. I like how it gives me a tactile way to express my admiration for a BBW, supplemented with my verbal to her.. I like the connected intimacy. Her submission to me to be admired and enjoyed, and pleased. I like attending to my queen as a drone but also like the dominance of...
  2. MNSSBBWpearseeker

    Looking Newbie= Midwestern FA seeks his SSBBW pear goddess for long-term

    Midwestern Professional and well educated single (divorced) man. Live alone on a lake and work from home. Children are adults on their own. I like boating, fishing, beach, trails, nature, travel, dining out, attending events. I belong and long to be paired with a nice sweet loving very large...