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  1. Aqw

    20 Beer Belly Maternity Photos

    At first I found it nice and funny, but now I'm not sure about it. What do you think? 20 Hilarious Beer Belly Maternity Photos
  2. Aqw

    Browser Brave

    I'm testing Brave a (new?) browser with seems more secure and unable you to earn some virtual money send by Brave by the compagnies advertising on your screen: you earn a percentage of them. You can then keep the money and change it to USD or EUR... or give it to charities... to church or... to...
  3. Aqw

    Eurovision, singing contest

    Lizzie Powell
  4. Aqw


    We're going to vote in Europe in a few months. Regardless of political options, I guess I'd rather trust a round politician than a thin one, and more a round female politician than a male. What do you think ? PS : I hope I'm not of subject. If so I apologize and will delete this thread.