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  1. Tracyarts

    A rant about fat phobia in the medical community.

    I just need to be heard by my "tribe" so to speak. I'm dealing with a medical problem. It's complicated and potentially very serious. I'm starting the process of diagnostic procedures and meeting with multiple specialists to figure out what's wrong, how to best address it, and what my...
  2. Tracyarts

    Today is "female health" day for me.

    I just checked in for my first mammogram. Should have started doing this 4 years ago, but well, I'm here now. Then upstairs for the well woman exam and pap smear. Yay me. Hopefully everything is good. I always stress this stuff.
  3. Tracyarts

    Outpatient tests this week. Angiogram and more.

    I'm scheduled for an angiogram, TEE (trans esophageal echogram) and possibly another test involving my lungs and oxygen levels on Tuesday. I'm absolutely terrified. My doctor and the hospital staff are all like it's no big deal. But I have such extreme medical anxiety that it can't not be a...
  4. Tracyarts

    Chronic Venous Insufficiency - I had endovenous thermal ablation

    I was able to finally get my legs treated this week. I have chronic venous insufficiency and was having a lot of bothersome symptoms in my lower legs. Swelling, heaviness in my legs, discoloration around my lower legs above the ankle, toughening of the skin, itching, stinging, tightness, and...
  5. Tracyarts

    Hidradenitis Suppurativa - possible treatment option

    I've dealt with a milder case of level 1 Hidradenitis Suppurativa since my early 20s. It never progressed in severity, but was a constant nuisance all these years. I noticed that since I started taking plaquenil for my autoimmune disease, I haven't had a single HS outbreak. Not even during PMS...
  6. Tracyarts

    Final update, what caused my stroke.

    My new neurologist finally received all of my medical records going back to the beginning of 2016, and was able to go over them in detail, and came to a conclusion as to what he believes caused my stroke. Vasculitis, combined with hypotension. Triggered by an autoimmune flare-up. I have...
  7. Tracyarts

    Bad experience with Torrid, anybody else having problems with online orders?

    I never received my order I placed on October 9th, and Torrid customer service is not able/willing to resolve the issue, so I had to file a dispute with my bank to try and get my money back. I've heard that a lot of customers who placed orders between late September and early October are...
  8. Tracyarts

    Vein ablation for lower leg, anybody had this procedure?

    Anybody have the ablation procedure for venous insufficiency in the lower legs? My cardiologist wants me to have this in my right leg because the discoloration and occasional minor swelling I've been dealing with for 20+ years has progressed to constant minor swelling and minor pain now. And he...
  9. Tracyarts

    Update on my brain situation.

    So, I had the MRIs with and without contrast, and the MR angiograms with and without contrast last week, and had my followup with the neurologist today. And nothing I expected to hear happened. I didn't have a second stroke at Easter. It was a TIA, or sometimes called "mini stroke". I had...
  10. Tracyarts

    I'm back in the hospital

    I may have had another stroke, not sure yet. I'm in the hospital waiting for answers. If it was a stroke the damage is minimal again. It may have been a TIA or mini stroke. I'll know more tomorrow. But something happened and we have to find out what. Can I say fuck this shit? Because fuck...
  11. Tracyarts

    Followup appointments with cardiologist and neurologist.

    I had my first followup appointments after having the cardiac monitor implanted. Everything seems to be stable. They haven't detected anything abnormal with my heart, so no evidence of Afib yet. Heart rate is fine, increasing my activity level brought my blood pressure back up a bit too. I'd...
  12. Tracyarts

    Cost of cpap machine? And big medical expense rant.

    My husband needs a cpap machine, and found out from our health insurance company that we have to pay $300.00 up front and an additional $50.00 a month in equipment rental fees. Does this sound right? It's not optional, so we have to cut back on something to work it into the budget. But my...
  13. Tracyarts

    I got my implanted cardiac monitor yesterday.

    It's a loop recorder, the Medtronics LINQ monitor. The point is that it will continuously monitor my heart 24/7 for 2 to 3 years and catch an atrial fibrillation episode if I have one. One of the possible causes of a cryptogenic stroke is Afib but in a form that happens several months to more...
  14. Tracyarts

    So, I had a stroke.

    And nobody knows why it happened, nor exactly when it happened. The official diagnosis is a silent cryptogenic stroke in the right parietal lobe. Silent meaning that I didn't recognize when it was happening and it didn't leave any obvious stroke related changes in my mental and physical...
  15. Tracyarts

    Plus and super-plus size aprons? Utilitarian, not fancy.

    I need a size 4-6x apron. Something utilitarian, not fancy or vintage style, that covers from chest to knees. To wear while working on messy mixed media arts & crafts projects. Not too expensive because it's going to get trashed. I don't want to mess with sewing one unless I have to. Anybody...
  16. Tracyarts

    Today I learned just how important regular pap smears are.

    So this morning I had a colposcopy and some cervical biopsies taken at my Ob/Gyn's office. My pap smear had detected abnormal cells and this was the next step in following up on it. I had not had a pap smear in many, many years before this one. I blew it off because I didn't think it was...
  17. Tracyarts

    Share your Thanksgiving menu!

    It's just my husband and I this year, and we want to make something different but not too different. So far, I'm thinking: Grilled quail Roasted brussels sprouts Baked acorn squash with butter and spices Mixed grain pilaf Green beans almondine Pecan pie
  18. Tracyarts

    Anybody else planning and shopping for holiday outfits?

    I've got to come up with an outfit for my husband's office Christmas party, and I have just over a month to do it. I like the idea of a basic black dress with an open neckline, so I can wear an elaborate statement necklace with it. Of course I have neither dress nor necklace yet. I guess I best...
  19. Tracyarts

    Crocheters: Pattern book for tops size 1-6X

    I haven't seen many crochet and knitting patterns in the 4-6X size range, but found this booklet over the weekend at JoAnn's. All the patterns are listed as intermediate skill level so none are basic single or double crochet stitches, but I bought it anyway since it was only $6 (on sale...
  20. Tracyarts

    Kayaking for big people?

    I spent some time out at the bay early Sunday watching kiteboarders and wind surfers and decided that I want to have fun on the water too. My father in law is into kayaking; he's been involved with at least one local kayak club, and has even been an instructor. So I am going to talk to him next...