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  1. stampy

    Surrendering to the fatness

    So, I have been trying to not get fatter for a while because nobody in my daily life is going to help me when I can't get around, but I have decided I am sick of eating healthy stuff and I am just going to eat what my soul wants. To hell with whole grains...I'm buying white bread...and regular...
  2. stampy

    Looking seeking friends, maybe more

    Hi! I am a 39 year old pansexual femme in the Great Lakes area. I would like to find a loving relationship eventually with a FA of any gender who is looking for a life partner. But for now, I would like to meet friends and see where that goes. As a friend, I offer my fun companionship...
  3. stampy

    Life changing mobility aid

    Hi everyone, I am kind of a sporadic participant here because I have trouble making friend, but I have posted in the past about my trouble getting around with a back problem. I have since started using a rollator with a seat, so I can sit down when I need to, and it has been life-changing...
  4. stampy

    health problems: arthritis vs. bariatric surgery

    I have a health dilemma. I have bad arthritis in my back and my doctor is pushing weight loss as the solution. She has recommended weight loss surgery, which I really don't want to have but want the benefits it offers, like losing weight to finally be treated by doctors instead of being told to...