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  1. stampy

    What is your current food obsession??

    I have been craving pie. I think I could eat it for every meal. Especially fruit pies with flaky crust and ice cream. Yesterday I ate a whole lemon meringue pie for dessert. It was pretty good.
  2. stampy

    Fat sexuality

    I call myself an obesexual. It is a word I made up to explain that my sexual orientation involves me being fat. I have a preference for fat females, and muscle chubs. But I don't need those things to be satisfied. It is a continuum that goes from "I don't care what my partner looks like" to "I...
  3. stampy

    Where is everyone from

    I am from a little urinal of a town in ohio, situated in the armpit of the great lakes region. I only wish I could be having as much fun here as Florida Man has in his state. Maybe someday I can hope to make headlines as a victim of a cow tipping gone wrong.
  4. stampy

    Surrendering to the fatness

    OMG people, I have found the best community on social media...I think it is on youtube, and facebook, and probably other places: Pasta Grannies. It is making me so hungry. I am thinking about finding someone Italian to marry so I can inherit a pasta granny. The dishes they make look so...
  5. stampy

    Favorite Healthy Drink

    I like sparkling or seltzer water with lemon and lime juice. you can add sweetener if you want, but add the sweetener first and then the sparkling water because it might bubble up and make a mess!! Sometimes I make it wish simple syrup and it is like poor man's seven up. I want to try making...
  6. stampy

    Surrendering to the fatness

    Damn it, jrose123 it is 4:11 am and i am in bed and now I am starved for something yummy. Doughnuts sound so amazing. I think I might have to stock up!! I wish I had some sweets in the house now because I would hoover them up!! Rice crispy squares sound so good to me, some that are fresh and...
  7. stampy

    Surrendering to the fatness

    I am going to make a dessert I saw, it looks so good...It is a pastry with a sheet of dough, with ricotta mixed with honey, and a bunch of different candied oranges on top, like mandarins and cara cara and navel oranges!!! I am really excited about it. Not the most unhealthy, but it looks so...
  8. stampy

    Surrendering to the fatness

    So, I have been trying to not get fatter for a while because nobody in my daily life is going to help me when I can't get around, but I have decided I am sick of eating healthy stuff and I am just going to eat what my soul wants. To hell with whole grains...I'm buying white bread...and regular...
  9. stampy


    I am happy to wish you luck!! It sounds like you have an adventure ahead!!! Maybe it will be like a rebirth. If there is any way I can help, let me know!!
  10. stampy

    This~or~That THREAD

    cigarettes, meth, or crack no; medicinal marijuana, yes please, fat rolls as handwarmers or love handles?
  11. stampy

    Christmas Bakery 2019 & 2020

    If anyone needs a taste tester for their treats, I would be happy to provide some feedback!
  12. stampy

    So, I recently decided to embrace something that I was denying myself

    Congratulations on your new realization and self-knowledge! It is always fun to discover new things about ourselves!
  13. stampy

    Feedism - Personally into overeating, being fat or getting fatter? Count yourself in!

    Not to necromance this thread or anything, but I am a certain kind of feedee. I think of myself more of a hedonist, instead of having an end goal It turns me on to eat and be fed, to have someone provide me nurturance in the form of tummy yummies, and enjoy the sheer carnal power and beauty of...
  14. stampy

    Body shape preferences

    God bless you, @littlefairywren for reminding us all that is is possible to state our preferences in a manner that does not involve dumping on other body types we may not prefer. There is no wrong way to have a body or be fat. We all like what we like, and that is fine. But that doesn't mean...
  15. stampy

    Dims Member Appreciation Thread

    @SonicPurity Thank you for that!! It means a lot coming from a Jiggle Junkie!!! I am happy to find a welcoming community that seems to not be overtly offended by my brand of weirdness!!! Haha. I appreciate you as well, as a fellow creative and adipose artiste. :)
  16. stampy

    What kind of HS extracurricular activities did you do?

    I was a future farmer of america. One of my main motivations in joining it was not to make my dad happy (which it did) but I knew the FFA was always going on trips, getting out of other classes, holding barbecues and having snacks in class, going on lots of field trips, and having lots of...
  17. stampy

    What’s on the dinner table (part 2)?

    I just took little spoonfuls and made little marmalade puddles. It did remind me of pineapple, but I thought it was even more yummy!! I saw at my local grocery store, Kroger's, they have a frozen pizza with fancy cheese that uses marmalade as a sauce!!! I am going to get one. I will have to...
  18. stampy

    What’s on the dinner table (part 2)?

    Today I made a pizza with sauce and cheese and orange marmalade. It was delicious. I told a friend about it and they acted like I was a deviant weirdo because of it. Not the million other reasons why I could be considered a deviant weirdo: it was the marmalade on the pizza. I guess everyone has...
  19. stampy

    What was the craziest thing you experienced in 2020?

    The craziest thing from my 2020 was literally and figuratively crazy. I was hospitalized for anxiety and depression in March 2020, and at the psychiatric hospital I was groped by a geriatric dementia patient and given the wrong medications, which were highly sedating with my other correct highly...
  20. stampy

    Strange Yet Wonderfull

    Your relationship needs to be made into a Hallmark movie!!! This is the kind of light we need in the world right now!!