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  1. Funtastic curves

    I just want to know how

    Teen gets USB cable stuck in penis in backfired attempt to measure length
  2. Funtastic curves

    being married -V- being a wife

    Is this true There's? There's a differences between being married and being a wife!
  3. Funtastic curves

    What can you say during sex

  4. Funtastic curves

    What if You just won $70 million

  5. Funtastic curves


  6. Funtastic curves

    Hey everybody! How's it going?

    Hey everybody 👋 I miss you guys and needed to see how how everyone was doing.
  7. Funtastic curves

    Who would you choose?

  8. Funtastic curves

    What are you making with $20

  9. Funtastic curves

    Brenda's Beaver Needs a Barber

  10. Funtastic curves

    Riddle me this 2.

  11. Funtastic curves

    Riddle me this 1.

  12. Funtastic curves


    -;... Fruit without an “i” in it? Go!
  13. Funtastic curves

    'Toilet Paper'.... Let’s have some fun today!

    I'll start..... “ A Toilet Paper on Elm Street ”
  14. Funtastic curves

    When you exercise what do you use?

    What do you do or use to exercise with to help pass the time? As for me, I find if I watch a movie, it helps me to not look at the timer. When I'm constantly looking at the timer it feels like eternity. I mentally become tired and I want to quit. Now that I have Incorporated weights I find...
  15. Funtastic curves

    She is so pretty

    I saw this photo for the first time today. The confidence she gives is beautiful. I pray to have this amount of confidence one day.
  16. Funtastic curves

    When I was younger ....

    When I was younger we had ________ Now we have _________ When I was younger we had the TV guide magazine. Now we have the guide on the TV
  17. Funtastic curves

    Time magazine game

    Let's play a game! Post the cover of Time Magazine from the year, week and month you were born. I'll start......... week of September 4, 1972