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  1. JackCivelli

    BHM Styles

    I basically need to change out My entire wardrobe by this point. I wear a suit for work, and there’s not much I can do about that, but at home and anywhere else I’m a tshirt and jeans guy. But I’d like to try out some different looks. So, to any big guys out there (or the ladies who love them)...
  2. JackCivelli

    Need some advice

    Lend me some advice, bhms and ffas. There’s a woman at work who brings me snacks all the time and chats with me for 5-10 minutes at my desk. This was completely unsolicited and just started happening about a month ago after we talked very briefly in the elevator. It doesn’t happen every day, but...
  3. JackCivelli


    I’m curious about two things. First of all, how many here also have a kink for stuffing, bloating, and/or inflation; and second, did it develop as a result of having a fat kink, or did it come before your fat kink? Or are the two independent of each other? For me, even thought I’m pretty sure...
  4. JackCivelli

    BHMs who still work out?

    Hey BHMs and FFAs! I was wondering how many of my fellow bhms still hit the gym. Despite the potential for undesired weightloss and accelerated metabolism is a risk, it’s practically a must for me. I love being as big as I am and still being strong enough to not be slowed down by my weight. Plus...
  5. JackCivelli

    Show Off Your Progress

    Like the thread title says, I thought it would be fun to have a place to show off your progress. The wider the range from starting weight to current the better! 😁
  6. JackCivelli

    BHM Cover Your Assets

    Cover Your Assets by JackCivelli Pt 1 Imogen sat at her desk with her hand on the mouse. Her finger hovered over the left mouse button. Her eyes were fixed on a green rectangular button on the screen her cursor floated over. “Don’t do it.” the reasonable part of her brain chimed in. “It’s...
  7. JackCivelli

    Types of belly fat

    I hear a lot of FFAs say they love guys with big squishy bellies, but I don't often hear my type of belly talked about. It’s basically spherical, and very firm like a beach ball, and when I eat it just gets bigger and firmer until it’s rock hard. I have some squishiness in my underbelly, but for...