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  1. Stuffingkit

    Need to admin

    I can’t message admin and I’ve tried reaching out to moderators, can someone please get back to me?
  2. Stuffingkit

    The biggest I've ever been!

    So I'm enjoying these new rolls and such with enthusiasm. I feel like a mountain of a woman!
  3. Stuffingkit

    Christmas Weight Gain

    So this is my favorite time of year, because DUH, all of the delicious and festive food! I've been putting on weight pretty consistently this year, But my feeder surprised me with this 25 days of xmas gaining challenge, so we are adding extra meals that are festive and fun every day. Im really...
  4. Stuffingkit

    Who likes to watch Fat girl work-out?

    Or attempt to do so? I work-out on occasion to help with my gain. I also think its kinda hot getting out of breath and getting sweaty at the gym. Its like an awesome reminder of how fat I am getting! Anyone else think that is sexy?
  5. Stuffingkit

    New youtube channel:ThisisFeederism

    Hello! Im launching a new youtube channel! My last one got taken down after under the premise of it being pornography. This channel is both educational and documentary. Its going to have hot clips, previews and educational videos regarding my experience as a feedee. My feeder will also be...
  6. Stuffingkit

    Force Feeding!

    I love it. The idea of getting tied of and fed until I am absolutely bloated turns me on like crazy! I love being dominant greedy food queen most of the time, But when my feeder just takes control and gives me what I *really* want its orgasmic. Anyone else into force-feeding? Any awesome...
  7. Stuffingkit

    Eating Pictures

    There might already be a thread going, But I haven't found one yet! I think I look my best when my face is stuffed with food! I love these kinds of pictures, they always inspire to eat just a little more!
  8. Stuffingkit

    Before And After!!!

    Im so Excited! I can finally see some noticeable Changes in my body! Im really starting to plump up!
  9. Stuffingkit

    Fattening Foods

    Hello! So, As a Feedee, I have run into a problem. During stuffing sessions I get sick of the same taste over and over. Most of the time I prefer to fast food hop, but that requires me having to go several places, When during stuffing sessions I prefer to just sit and eat as much as possible...