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  1. goofy girl

    How do you de-stress?

    life is uber stressful at the moment and I feel bored with all my usual tactics to de-stress (crochet, writing, dancing, walking, baking, drawing) give me ideas. :D And don't tell me have sex or get myself off or any of that stuff, that's one of the obvious ones. :p
  2. goofy girl

    Woman Within has Plus Size Halloween Costumes

    And they're really cute!! and the prices aren't outrages for a lot of them. For some they are lol
  3. goofy girl

    Happy Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month!

    I haven't been on Dims in a while but didn't see this posted anywhere here. I thought it was worth sharing :) Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month
  4. goofy girl

    I need a makeover

    I tossed a bunch of clothes when we moved, and now I'm longing for a new wardrobe and makeover. I need to look more "grown up", and less thrown together. (for years I loved my thrown together outfits, but ready for big girl outfits lol) I'm looking for business casual, dresses (PAST the...
  5. goofy girl

    Ta-ta's t shirt at Torrid

    On sale now for $19.98! Save the tata's, I heart my big tata's, Badass tata's and Fabulous tata's all up to size 5!!
  6. goofy girl

    KiraNYC acknowledged in an article on Size Acceptance!

    Found an interesting article on Size Acceptance and health at every size. I think the author did a great job in keeping the ideas of size acceptance and health at every size separate and made a lot of excellent points. And of course, I really liked the part about Kira :happy:
  7. goofy girl


    At the top of my head, for like, weeks now. They aren't like my migraines that start dull in the back of my head and spread from there. These are at my crown (for lack of a better term) and are a dull throbbing but constant and pretty painful. Last time I saw my Dr she told me it was...
  8. goofy girl

    Childless By Choice

    Since I've gotten married I feel I'm getting pressure to start a family and not even from family members. (Steve's family and my family both know that we aren't planning on children...and they all agree it's the best thing for all involved lol) It seems there is a baby boom at work and I'm...
  9. goofy girl

    Recipe Requests Thread

    I know I could just google or look at a popular recipe website but I prefer to have recipes from people that have tried them already so I know they'll be good. ;) Everyone can feel free to posts their recipe requests here, but I have two to get things started lol One- pea soup (which I...
  10. goofy girl

    Let's See Your Workspace

    I thought we had a similar thread, but I just looked at 525 threads that came up when I searched and didn't see any. Anyway...I want to see where you spend the majority of your day!! Here's my cube....home away from home. The birdhouse has an Einstein quote "Imagination is more important...
  11. goofy girl

    Grilled Cheese, Please!!

    I searched for a Grilled Cheese Sandwiches thread but couldn't find one, so feel free to re-direct this if there is one. Love me some grilled cheese!!! What are you favorite ways to make it?? Add-ins?? Favorite cheese?? Favorite bread??
  12. goofy girl

    Happy Birthday EVERYONE!!

    I haven't been around too much lately and I know I haven't been keeping up with birthday wishes, so to everyone I have missed: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
  13. goofy girl

    Clean Eating

    I have become very interested in starting a clean eating lifestyle, not necessarily for weight loss, but because I can feel the chemicals and icky stuff from the foods I usually eat really starting to build up and slow me down. Since I have been a convenience eater since, well, forever, I can't...
  14. goofy girl

    Happy Birthday EtobicokeFA!

    Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your day!!
  15. goofy girl

    HJappy Birthday PhatChk!!

    Happy Birthday! Have a fun day!
  16. goofy girl

    Happy Birthday George!!

    Happy Birthday! Have a great day! :)
  17. goofy girl

    Happy Birthday Surlysomething!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope it's a great one!!
  18. goofy girl

    Track Star Caster Semenya Controversy

    ** if this is too "hyde park-ish" feel free to close the thread, but I felt this is important to discuss.** As we've all heard by now, the track star could possibly lose her title due to issues regarding her gender. Story here Now, I know I'm a bit naive about things, but I never realized...
  19. goofy girl

    We Love Our Cats Thread!

    We cat people are a unique kind of folk, so lets band together here :D Stories, pictures, questions...whatever you want as long as it's all cats all the time!!
  20. goofy girl

    Tipping Food Delivery Workers I generally tip between $2.00-$4.00 when I have food delivered. It depends on the distance they are travelling to me, the quantity/weight of bags, food, containers, and of course the total amount of the charge. My question is, so many places have a delivery fee built right in now. So...