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  1. pinuplola

    leggings?! help!

    ok so i dont like jeans really so i wear alot of dresses/skirts with black leggings and i love them but now they are too tight on my hips, thighs, belly and calves i can get into them but they dig into me and leave awful red marks all on my skin so my question is this where are...
  2. pinuplola

    attn ladies! i have (ssshhh) little problem..

    this is embarrassing for me so please if you find this post to be stupid keep any ugly comments to yourself :wubu: since the very first time i ever noticed any hair on my body i have always shaved it/waxed it right off. i like to keep myself smooth and lady like at all times. since i have...
  3. pinuplola


    so hard to find a good feeder these days. :(
  4. pinuplola

    20lbs to go!!

    until i reach my goal! ive been pigging out sssooo much latley that the weight is just piling on :eat1: i honestly just stopped trying and before i knew it i found myself snacking 24/7 and eating 2 dinners every nite. ive been loading up on the cream, butter and carbs and my poor belly looks...
  5. pinuplola

    party time

    post something that makes u feel like a fancy bitch. something ud wear out w the grls or to a club or somethin work it. at the fetish friends are always trying to eat my face clubbing summer 09 wedding summer 09 so lets see some fancy shit yall xoxoxo
  6. pinuplola

    just happy

    sososo close to my 2010 goal :happy: ive always been to shy too talk about my weight gain on here really. i started gaining in 03 went from 130 to 200 and stayed there until 07/06 ish when i get close to 240. summer of 08 was pretty nuts so lost some weight and got back down to about 200 :(...
  7. pinuplola

    awkward but hopeful and shy..

    :blush: um, so ive been active here and there for a few years and i guess i just wanted to really introduce myself. eh. i know this is kind of a controversal board-i mainly stick to the paysite board. but hopefully this will be well recepted. im lola, from pinups. im not comfortable revealing my...