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    Christmas crafts? Homemade gifts? Show and tell!

    Who's making them this year? Too early to think about? I was working on one for my folks last night and got to wondering if anyone else was making anything or already had plans too. I made this cross for my mother and stepfather. What are you making?
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    What Are You Happy About Today? Part 3

    The smell of an old book that's new to me
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    Workplace pranks

    So the other day one of my coworkers bought new work boots. He had a flash of inspiration and put his old work boots in front of one of the toilets with an old pair of coveralls set on the seat with the legs artfully draped over the boot tops. He closed the stall door with a screwdriver and...
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    Star Trek swimsuits

    Saw an ad for these in my email from ThinkGeek Sizes up to 4x!
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    Change A Letter - 7 Letters

    The other Change A Letter threads are so fun, I wonder if 7 letters will be too much trouble? Rules are simple. Just change one letter and rearrange (if you like) to make a new word. Let's start with..... wonders