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  1. mejix

    my new favorite painter

    angela de la cruz, nominated for this year's turner prize. grrrrr
  2. mejix

    masturbation rights of dinosaurs, a NON healthcare thread!

    as edifying as all those healthcare threads are, i think we also need as space to think about this important issue.
  3. mejix

    catching up with celebrity rumours

    from 2007 marcia and jan brady had an affair?
  4. mejix

    oh ancient computer wizards of the underworld!

    i come here to seek your knowledge. my computer is having problems reading dvd's and cd's. first it was the dvd's. some times the computer was able to play them, some times it wasn't, or it would freeze halfway through a movie. i thought it was because i was trying to play scratched dvd's from...
  5. mejix

    must be santa!

    Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Carter, Reagan, Bush, And Clinton.
  6. mejix

    post your random End of the Decade Lists here!

    the best albums of the decade according to the british newspaper the guardian.
  7. mejix

    any bulgarian bbw's here?

    Моето име е mejix. Аз съм латино ФА в Чикаго. Обичам да с&#1077...
  8. mejix

    post a recent goofy picture of everyday food loving your chub nekkid while LIVING

    and a score out of ten! broccoli, nipple (10 out of 10!)
  9. mejix

    should fish be allowed to menstruate?

    I don’t know if the question has been raised before on these boards. If it has, I apologize. By fish I mean of course the creatures that live in the ocean.
  10. mejix

    the daily hygiene report thread and a score out of ten

    took a shower after running and ended up singing! i even remembered to use deodorant. i give myself a 10 out of10 brushed my teeth first thing in the morning. couldn't sing while brushing. just mumble. still i give myself a 10 out of 10
  11. mejix

    are these boards just becoming too interesting?

    i don't know, i just want to pose the question. and, are we asking too many questions?
  12. mejix

    it's summer, it's above 90, it's time to go commando!

    yes time to leave the basement unfurnished, its time to feel the dangle of freedom! but people remember: do no go to a store and try new pants without wearing underwear. that it's just not right.
  13. mejix

    new evidence this is the golden age of chips

    doritos diablo mejix says: mmmmm good
  14. mejix

    just remember to wash your hands often and cover your face when you cough

    just remember to wash your hands often and cover your face when you cough thats my public service announcement. oh and as i learned at another thread here at dimensions, don't cough into your hands! cough into your arm or your jacket.
  15. mejix

    free rep for the masses

    just copy and paste "gimme rep"
  16. mejix

    punk before punk was punk

    thought the article was interesting and the track is kind of fun. sounds like a mutation of heavy metal and devo.
  17. mejix

    should we consolidate the paysite board and the bbw health issues board?

    it could be like a bodily functions board or something.
  18. mejix

    bogart and bacall

    "speaking of horses i like to play them myself"
  19. mejix

    today's horoscope

    for gemini: "You want to get outta Dodge. You need a change of scenery. You want to learn something new, and you're hungry for adventure! Explore opportunities in publishing, the media, higher education, and anything related to travel, plus medicine and the law. Hey, that's a lotta room for...
  20. mejix

    are we human or are we dancers?

    well? *