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    What Are You Happy About Today? Part 3

    I melt when she tells me I'm sweet.
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    One Completely Random Sentence...

    She didn't say it to be a bitch, she's telling you the truth. She's looking out for you, man. Do NOT ignore her. She can't love you back, man. Don't try put her in a situation like that. Don't be the asshole. It's just a Feabie crush. It'll pass. But I know. Talking to her makes our...
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    What Are You Happy About Today? Part 3

    My mother's surgery went well today! :)
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    One Completely Random Sentence...

    "Well-Known Member"???? How did my member get to be so well known without me noticing?
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    The Official Joke Thread :D

    A none too bright young man gets the idea in his head he wants to be a cowboy. So he buys himself a western outfit and goes looking for work. He meets an older ranch hand who suggests he hire on at a sheep ranch instead to learn the business on smaller critters. So the young feller agrees and...
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    The Official Joke Thread :D

    On old maid gets to itching down there, so she goes to see a doctor. After an examination, the doctor informs her she has crabs. "What do you mean I have crabs? I'm an eighty year old virgin. I've never been with a man in my life. There's no way I could have crabs. I want a second...
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    "What ever happened to..."

    Whatever happened to Ho Ho Tai? Haven't seen him in a while. He's pretty elderly and I hate to assume the worst...
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    Airplane seats

    That line made me chuckle for some reason. :)
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    Favorite ethnic foods?

    That's it... I'm coming over for dinner!
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    One Completely Random Song Lyric

    The whole damn world is just as obsessed with who's the best dressed and who's having sex who's in the club, and who's on the drugs and who's throwing up before they digest! and you still don't have the right look and you don't have the right friends and you still listen to the same shit you...
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    What book are you reading right now?

    I just finished "Space" by James A. Michener. Someone gave it to me hoping I'd enjoy it, and I did, in parts. It was a slow starter but really picked up in the middle. The ending (After 800 pages, mind you) was so trite and cliched I just can't recommend the book.
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    Favorite ethnic foods?

    Green chili. Not chopped up bits of canned Hatch chiles. Gag me. No I mean real green chili made of Pueblo chiles stewed with pork, tomatoes and a little flour. The real stuff, like you get in Pueblo. Not this "verde" crap. And Hatch just has better marketing to boost their inferior...
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    One Thing You LIke

    I like seeing how much taller my sugar snap peas are in the garden every morning!
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    Cheesiest/Worst Music Videos of All Time!

    I thought that song was really cool when I was 9 years old tho... :)
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    Cheesiest/Worst Music Videos of All Time!

    Gotta be one of the worst of the 80's (which is kind of the worst of a lot of things, really) Not sure what look he was going for there...
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    Comment by 'LumpySmile' in media 'MOOD_20190102_192935'

    MUAH right back at you, Gorgeous!
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    Netflix - What Are Your Current Favorite Movies Or TV Shows

    Manhunt: Unabomber-- OUTSTANDING show! I loved it. Paul Bettany played Ted Kaczynski!
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    Netflix - What Are Your Current Favorite Movies Or TV Shows

    Blacklist. Liking it a lot.
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    Netflix - What Are Your Current Favorite Movies Or TV Shows

    Just started watching a British show called "Find It, Fix It, Flog It" where these 2 guys go picking for old junk, upcycle it, then have it appraised for sale. What I really love about it is the guys are in it for the fun of it (and to make a show, obviously)... Any profits go to the original...
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    Christmas crafts? Homemade gifts? Show and tell!

    Who's making them this year? Too early to think about? I was working on one for my folks last night and got to wondering if anyone else was making anything or already had plans too. I made this cross for my mother and stepfather. What are you making?