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  1. op user

    Good fat moments in your daily life.

    Dims is a sanctuary where fat people feel free to open up without the fear or getting mocked, or just being verbally attacked because of their fat. But since it is Friday night and the week is more or less over for most of us let's run a feel good thread. The question is not why you are happy...
  2. op user

    Ring tone on mobiles

    I know that mobiles are not as important as they use to be (although they do marvellous things at home) but let's have thread here about which ringtone we use and which lock screen we have installed. I offer the floor to another member and answer after few others have published their preferences.
  3. op user

    Do you often feel conscious about the weight

    Having various friends on the largish side and particularly females I often found them to be more careful on how they sit on a chair or waiting to take the next lift rather than getting on the next one. Do you feel like that avoiding situations where your weight might attract attention?
  4. op user

    Sloggi zero feel vs normal bras

    I bought my SO a . She is 38D so not really large by the standards here. She feels this kind of sports bra would not hold her breasts adequately her being a CPR instructor so she spends a good deal of her instruction in a position that can be revealing. She...
  5. op user

    What to you think about furniture breaking?

    We have a discussion with Warrior (here about how one feels when a large person breaks a piece of furniture. For the sake of the conversation, kindly keep out of the conversation issues about the safety of the person...
  6. op user

    Weight gain and Time of the month

    I was reading on a menstruation blog about the increased calories requirement during menstruation. Is it true? Has any female member here gains weight during the few days before and during her period?
  7. op user


    Although a lot of people here would disagree, it seems there is a tendency for larger capacity scales to be available. Ten years back it was hard to find a scale going over 350 lbs in most stores. So one could hope for a SO heavy enough to outgrow the scale. I had one almost doing that 265 in a...
  8. op user

    "Gaining weight at her size is not easy anymore"

    This is taken from another thread and prompts me a question/observation: if budget for food is available (I understand that just to maintain an X amount of weight requires a Y amount of calories) why a 500 lbs woman has difficulties to gain?
  9. op user

    Bra shops in London

    A friend of mine (wearing G cups) travel to London on her first international trip. She wants to buy something to remember and I suggested a couple of bras that would fit her comfortably with good support etc. Any suggestions on where to get measured and buy some nice bras (obviously I am...
  10. op user

    Weight gain resolutions - results

    Just a short notice to say that as a FA and with a vivid interest on gaining I wish plenty of scales to need a replacement due to our lovely ladies gaining beyond the scale's capacity. Op user
  11. op user

    Squashing a BHM perspective

    I really find hot to be squashed by a large BBW or a SSBBW. However in the recent time every now and then I meet a friend former BBW who had WLS. Before the operation I thought she was hot - she weighted some 40%. After the operation the ratio inverted and I am 50% heavier than her. Few weeks...
  12. op user


    There is a thread running on the BBW forum about scales. My question here how do gaining SS/BBW and their FA look at the scales. Do they use it often to see the gain, do they use it only on a special occasion? Do they look forward to outgrow the scale and get a new one? Any stories about...
  13. op user

    "Enjoying the results of the feeding"

    I am not sure if that falls on the erotic weight gain, or sex erotica (so mods feel free to move it around) but here is a question about the weight of a (SS)BBW. How do you like to "evaluate" the results of your feeding efforts? For exemple do you like to weight your feedee and see a larger...
  14. op user


    Further to the post regarding furinture I am wandering how strong have been proved so far furniture from IKEA? op user
  15. op user

    Lifting a BBW/SSBBW

    I was reading another thread about SSBBW injuring someone and a fellow user explained that he was lifting his SSBBW s.o. How common is it for guys to lift and carry (for exemple to bed) their BBW/SSBBW girlfriends? I am an average build guys and I have managed to lift and carry a 230 lbs...