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  1. tonynyc

    Don't mess with BBW

    Some Drunk a**h**** decides to harass BBW and this loudmouth get his... What do you think? NZ BBWs take care of loudmouth
  2. tonynyc

    RIP Joe Weider

    RIP Joe Weider- lived a long life. Joe Weider, who made millions from a fitness empire and mentored a young Austrian bodybuilder who went on to become a major movie star and governor of California, has died. Weider, 93, passed away Saturday of heart failure at his home in Los...
  3. tonynyc

    Funny Video Prank on Youtube..

    Very Funny video Pretty hilarious prank - very clever... Magic of Rahat - Drive Thru Prank Video
  4. tonynyc

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Smithnwesson

    Here's your cake with the trimmings.... hope your day was a good one
  5. tonynyc

    Ohio baseball player can’t walk at graduation after caring for cancer-stricken mother

    17-year-old varsity baseball player in suburban Cleveland is being banned from walking at his own graduation for racking up two too many unexcused absences. While those circumstances might be considered the fault of the athlete in most cases, Carrollton (Ohio) High senior Austin Fisher's case is...
  6. tonynyc

    RIP Whitney Houston

    Very sad- just saw this posted online - no cause or location was given on the website. Wihitney Houston Dead at 48
  7. tonynyc

    UK Indian Laced wife’s food with steroids to make her fat

    What is suprising about this case is that Mr. Singh was able to get a light sentence Dalwara Singh leaving Leicester Crown Court Photo: CATERS =============================================== London: An Indian-origin man in Britain laced his wife’s food with steroids in a bid to...
  8. tonynyc

    Crazy Weather this Halloween Weekend - Rare Snow Storm in NYC

    How crazy has the weather been in your area... here in NYC this is the first October snowstorm since 1952... Share some of your fav outdoor snowstorm pics.... Outside shot - Loving the snow!!!
  9. tonynyc

    Kelly Gneiting Sumo Champ – Marathon Runner

    Kelly Gneiting's feat was mentioned in this month's Large And In Charge Magazine… This is a great inspirational story…. Kelly is a 3x U.S. Heavyweight Sumo Champion and has been considered one of the top 3 overall sumo wrestlers in the United States since 2004. He did represented...
  10. tonynyc

    Happy Birthday Ho Ho Tai !!!!!!

    HERE'S YOU CAKE!!! Enjoy your day
  11. tonynyc

    Happy Birthday Scorsese86

    Happy Birthday Scorsese86 !!! Here's your cake courtesy of the family... other tributes to follow ....
  12. tonynyc

    What keeps you Motivated to Exercise?

    J34 posted this excellent question Daily Exercise Report Thread and this question certainly deserves a thread of it’s own …. “Question- how do you stay on track and motivated to exercise? At one point point I was doing well, and then I fell of the wagon 2 weeks later. Any advice?”
  13. tonynyc

    Hurricane Irene

    Hope everyone in the affected areas are safe and as prepared for the storm that one can be... Weather forecast so far for the NYC area is strong winds and at least a foot of rain Mass Transit here in the city will be suspended as of 12 noon - a first!!!!
  14. tonynyc

    Happy Birthday Smithnwesson

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Smithnwesson !!! Here's your cake We share the same day! and what a have heck of a day for a Birthday celebration- with 'Irene' approaching... stay safe and warm
  15. tonynyc

    Tightwad's Exercise Equipment Thread

    Thought I'd start a new thread - if any dimmers would like to share their thoughts on cheap alternatives to exercise equipment OR their fav exercise equipment that they enjoy using Now I came up with this gem- cause I read a few blogs online where posters mentioned alternatives to...
  16. tonynyc

    The Sports Pride Page

    I got this idea from NancyGirl in the NFL thread and thought that it would be great for Dimmers to show your Pride and appreciation for any Sports Team that you follow: College or Amatuer or Professional (NFL , Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Rugby etc. ) It could be a pic wearing...
  17. tonynyc

    RIP - Francois Henri "Jack" LaLanne

    JACK LaLane (September 26, 1914 – January 23, 2011) Jack LaLane You've seen those Power Juicer Infomercials;but, Jack LaLane was true a pioneer of fitness … Had one of the 1st fitness shows on TV.. Jack LaLane Doing Fingertip Pushups Jack LaLane and his Pooch Happy
  18. tonynyc

    Rat Climbs Up Sleeping NYC Subway Rider

    Just when you thought riding the NYC Subways couldn't get any stranger... do any of the Dims folks have Strange but true Mass Transit tales to share from other areas.... =============================== Rat Climbs Up Sleeping Subway Rider’s Leg, Onto Face NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — A...
  19. tonynyc

    HBO's Boardwalk Empire

    Fan of the show- what are your thoughts -looks like Sunday Night is back to "Family" night :D Boardwalk Empire -Speakeasy Tour HBO Boardwalk Empire Website
  20. tonynyc

    Exercise Enthusiast on Dims

    What are your fav workouts