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  1. Thighrolls

    Looking FeedeexFeeder SSBBWMALAYA

    Heya, this site is super inactive all-though I do enjoy the forming of it, and the kind words I've got from the people here! I have not yet figured out how to delete my profile as I am not on here often enough to try to continue to stay up to date. However I do still want to send my offerings...
  2. Thighrolls

    Looking USSBBW trying to reach 1300

    Heya, back on here again I still see the site dosent get as active but hey! Still trying here to hopefully make some new friends, and find a feeder thats genuine. & would potentially like to meet up for a fun time! My Kik is thighrolls if anyone is interested, I have a goal of 1300lbs & my...
  3. Thighrolls

    Looking 850lb USSBBW!

    Yep hello!
  4. Thighrolls

    Looking 850lb USSBBW!

    Hiya all! checking in on the site to say hello, it dosent seem to be to active here but I guess I'd give it a shot & see how things go. a little about me, I'm 19 & will be 20 this December. im a Deathfeedest, I'd like to reach a goal of 1300 pounds, and if it's humanly possible I'd like to go...