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  1. cakeboy

    Air Quality and Fine Particulates!!!

    ...your thoughts on them? LOL!
  2. cakeboy

    Ten Things I *blank* About You...

    All you have to do is write ten things down. You can write ten things about ten people, or ten things about one person - whatever you want. The kicker is that they must be anonymous recipients. Here's my list : 1. Every single time you post, God kills a kitten. 2. You have real balls, and I...
  3. cakeboy


    I hope everyone had a fun Halloween, what with the candy being thrown to and fro. Every Halloween reminds me of my first foray into fat activism at the tender age of 12. I was fat and sassy even then, with my carefully assembled ninja costume and clear disdain for pirates.* Two good pals...
  4. cakeboy


    Hello! Does anybody ever join the BHM/FFA chat? If not, where else would you chat, most excellent people? cakeboy
  5. cakeboy


    New guy, just saying hello :) I tried to upload a pic, but it didn't work :rolleyes: