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  1. cinnamitch

    Ultra Sized Health Improvements with Technology

    Its stupid the hoops you have to jump through with insurance companies to get a scooter. I had to prove i needed it in my apartment, and my place is not accessible in a lot of areas. Plus my car wont handle a lift thing, so i get stuck with a w/c to go anywhere. Dont even get me started on the...
  2. cinnamitch

    BBW Confessions thread

    I guess this stopped being a protected space for BBW to talk about issues and concerns . Seems to be an extension of the weight or food forum. Not many places here left for many of us. Oh well it was fun while it lasted.
  3. cinnamitch

    I'm back in the hospital

    For some reason,first thought I had was something is making your blood clot too easily
  4. cinnamitch

    Random BHM Hotness

    He's on the TV show Scorpion
  5. cinnamitch

    Rules for The Soap Box

    I’d agree with you but then we’d both be wrong".Anonymous
  6. cinnamitch

    Rules for The Soap Box

    Mods it is stuff like this that we need assurances that it's going to be policed more. Both sides do it and it HAS to stop
  7. cinnamitch

    Rules for The Soap Box

    You do what needs to be done and those of us who can act like adults will adhere to the rules.
  8. cinnamitch

    Rules for The Soap Box

    I don't think anyone should have to prove themselves by participating on other boards. We are adults, someone acts like a dick then they suffer the consequences. I dont do the other sections because most of them do not interest me. I may read them a bit but that's about it. I joined for the...
  9. cinnamitch

    Rules for The Soap Box

    As you can see, ya'll are going to earn that non existent pay. I suggest large amounts of alcohol to be imbibed while moderating
  10. cinnamitch

    Rules for The Soap Box

    I have a GREAT idea!. Post the rules, open the board, and hand out infractions as needed. If someone wants to piss in the sandbox, show them the door.
  11. cinnamitch

    Do you want a new political board?

    BBD has my vote. Had no problem with the moderating. I have a lot of free time and have been a mod back when MSN had groups. I don't think I could be fair on HP. The ultra conservatives pretty much drove me away and I know I would perma ban them within a week. Same with one of the more liberal...
  12. cinnamitch

    Do you want a new political board?

    Im fine with whatever rules get put in place and I have no issue with the current mod
  13. cinnamitch

    Do you want a new political board?

    How about putting a few posting restrictions on some of the more "troublemaking" posters initially? Make them prove they can carry on in a civilized manner before giving free reign Memes and cartoons in one area only and limit how many you can post per day. No more posts with 100 memes by one...
  14. cinnamitch

    "The Walking Dead"...(to my fellow zombie lovers)

    Fear the biting Eugene!:eek:
  15. cinnamitch

    Ordinary Food, Eaten Unusually

    Hmm, if I am eating a meal with mashed potatoes, I will almost always make a sandwich out of a piece of bread, some meat , whatever veggie is on the plate and the potatoes I like peanut butter with mustard more than with Jelly
  16. cinnamitch

    Sandra Weber-Zitkus (1960-2016)

    My condolences to you at this difficult time.
  17. cinnamitch

    I would like to meet a ssbbw

    For all of you criticizing some of our harsh words, maybe some of us know some background about Sven. He has been on the net in groups and on yahoo for YEARS. He has basically said the same thing FOR YEARS. He will talk to you and the entire chat will be about your measurements, his fantasies...
  18. cinnamitch

    Quality non-stick frying pans?

    I have the set of those pots and pans
  19. cinnamitch

    I would like to meet a ssbbw

    You have never had the pleasure of talking to him have you?