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  1. imfree

    Bariatric Mattress

    Guys, if you would, please, I would like to hear from people who have actually purchased and own bariatric mattresses. I'm especially interested in finding a reasonably priced vendor who sells and ships to individuals, of course, and carries bariatric mattresses that fit regular home beds. I...
  2. imfree

    Sweet Bible Verses

    For over 30 years I've loved these Psalms. Ha! It just occurred to me, this morning, that I actually live in Lebanon, making these verses even sweeter! Ps 92:12 The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon. 13. Those that be planted in the house...
  3. imfree

    Ten Thousand Posts

    As I celebrate my 10K posts in Dimensions Forums, I humbly thank all of you Guys for being my social network in mind, spirit, and in cyberspace. Y'all really bless me in a mighty way by helping me to keep my mind active and being an outlet for my wacky creative endeavors!
  4. imfree

    Poll-Medical Information

    "What would you do, if approached to give a blood sample for a genetic or medical information gathering program that "promises to gather information to improve medical care, overall "? pro: Million Veteran Program con: DNA Experiments on Vets Daaaayum, I cudda' had a poll on that...
  5. imfree

    Health Information

    What would you do, if approached to give a blood sample for a genetic or medical information gathering program that "promises to gather information to improve medical care, overall "? pro: Million Veteran Program con: DNA Experiments on Vets
  6. imfree

    Ghost Town

    This place is deserted! I wonder who owns all this vacant property? I sure hope some DimmerLanders bring some tools and building materials to fix this place up and move in before the ChiaHeads catch wind of all this unclaimed property and start moving in!!!:eek:
  7. imfree

    Thanks For The Memory (Upgrade)

    Thanks for the memory (Disk upgrade), Chief!:bow:
  8. imfree

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter everyone!
  9. imfree

    Ridin' The Storms Out 2012

    :eek:YIKES!!!:eek: This is only lightning data, but, boy!!!, it looks mean!
  10. imfree

    Math Riddle

    Please don't shoot!:eek: How does an architect determine how many head of cattle a prospective barn will hold? He uses a calculator to figure out how many cows to put in the cow cue later!:doh:
  11. imfree

    The Concentration Camp Diet

    Not only have the fat-haters heinously trivialized the murder of over 6 million Jews by Hitler in WWII, they also support the mantra of Ms. Shambles and her Weigh Out Workshop, by declaring that anyone can lose weight because the concentration camp victims did. That type of reasoning seems to be...
  12. imfree

    Please Pray...

    Guys, please pray for my best friend of over 30 years, Nancy. She's been in the hospital for a few weeks for conditions related to her emphysema and was doing well before she took a turn for the worse. Nancy's been smoke-free for 2 years, but she may have waited too long to stop. Her son-in-law...
  13. imfree

    Dimm's Miseltoe Spot

    The mistletoe's hanging right up here!:D Whoya' gonna' grab & kiss???:smitten: Cuddling is an available option for some, be sure to ask your potential kissee.
  14. imfree


    I'm Free & first!!! Yep, born about mid-way through last century, 1955, and still haven't grown up. Maybe I'm just spirited, I dunno. I know about a lot of old stuff that I've through, that the young Guys studied in history......
  15. imfree

    Fearful of Obesity, Parents Starve Child

    Sign of these times:
  16. imfree

    Closet, Freezer, Vehicle, And Storage Space Cleanout Confessions

    Here it is Guys, we all have confessions regarding these places!
  17. imfree

    Unapologetically Fat

    I was inspired to write this post by a couple ladies who posted in another thread and expressed their delight at discovering that they basically don't have to hate themselves for being fat. Fat acceptance really begins in one's own mind, about that individual's own body. F**k the world view that...
  18. imfree

    BBWFA's, BHMFA's, Thin FA's Would You Gain?

    Hi Guys, much to my delight, as a BHMFA, I'm finally seeing a few BBWFA ladies in these forums. If you will, sound off if you are BBWFA or BHMFA. If you're a thin FA, would you gain if your partner were FA, too?
  19. imfree

    When Doctors Judge Their Obese Patients

    First, do no harm... Here's a great article by Dr David Katz, MD.
  20. imfree

    What's On Yer Turntable?

    The Moody Blues-Days Of Future Passed(Tuesday Afternoon) Turntables may be imaginary and for that matter, the records may be too, as in CD's we wish were available on vinyl!:D It's true, I'd love to have DC Talk's Jesus Freak on my turntable and hear "What If I Stumble" (Christian) from...