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  1. runningsoft

    BHM Seb's Spare Tire (BHM, Gay, Stuffing)

    [~BHM, male-male, stuffing, gay. Disclaimer: this story involves weight gain and male-male relationships. If it’s you thing, read on. If not, skip it. Happy reading. ] Seb's Spare Tire By Runningsoft Chapter 1 – Sebastian’s New Bike It was a Friday evening and Sebastian was tired. His...
  2. runningsoft

    Making it Big in Modeling - By Runningsoft (Stuffing, WG, BBW)

    Author’s Note: Four young women from across the US have found themselves living in a flat in Manhattan. Together, they are all aspiring to become models of the highest caliber, looking to have it all. But as with many things in life, you don’t always get what you want. This story contains...
  3. runningsoft

    Fat Bikini Diet

    Just wanted to share this lovely video. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it :)
  4. runningsoft

    BHM Artfully Expanding ~(BHM, WG, Mild Sex, Stuffing)

    Artfully Expanding This is a story request involving weight gain between two males. If it’s not for you, read something else. ++++++ --ACT ONE-- “Holy Fuck!” Steve gasped as he rounded another corner in the stairwell, the third of seven, before he reached his destination. There...
  5. runningsoft

    My Confessions...

    Hey All, I wanted to bounce something off of everyone and hopefully get some feedback, but first I need to give you some back story. I've recently discovered that I liked a girl (surprise, how original!) from high school and we've been in touch throughout the last decade. We've always...
  6. runningsoft


    Always looking for feedback on some stories. Currently working on my third story, while still having not finished my second (Cruseliner / Waistliner)....trying to keep the audience interest, but keeping it fresh for myself and enter new creative territory. I tend to prefer writing...
  7. runningsoft

    Cruiseliner / Waistliner by Runningsoft (~BBW, Eating, Lesbian, Feeding, ~MWG)

    ~BBW, Eating, Lesbian, Feeding, ~MWG CRUISELINER/WAISTLINER by Runningsoft Author’s Note: This story contains recurring characters from “The Great Eatscapade”, a long and highly enjoyable narrative :) Chapter 1: Planning the Trip Natasha brushed a lock of red-brown hair out of her...