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  1. MuleVariationsNYC

    College Football 2010 Thread!

    Who else is excited?! :bounce: Here's a silly little question that maybe SEC fans can help me answer as I settle in to watch the S. Carolina vs. So. Miss game: Spurrier is referred to as the "Head Ball Coach", but I seem to remember that many years ago they called him the "Ol' Ball Coach."...
  2. MuleVariationsNYC

    World Cup 2010 Thread

    OK, so it's exactly 1 month until the start of the World Cup, which will turn me into an insufferable obsessive soccer fan, tolerable only to other aficionados of the Beautiful Game. And even some of them will inch away from me in public. But thank heavens for the internet. I'll be posting...
  3. MuleVariationsNYC

    Best Food Moments-2009

    Let's reminisce over our best food moments of 2009! Here's mine, Oscar style. :) Best appetizer- Deep fried artichokes crusted with garlic. Best side : pureed parsnips Best entree : Hanger steak with balsamic reduction. Best dessert : Fresh made caramel-cognac ice cream. Most...
  4. MuleVariationsNYC

    Food Decision Trees

    If you're like me, you love food, but often have a hard time deciding exactly what to eat in a given situation. I'm very mood dependent, and it often takes me a while to figure out exactly what I'm craving. Over Christmas, I stumbled on a food blog called, Eating the Road, which has a...
  5. MuleVariationsNYC

    Buddha Body Yoga

    Article in NY Times about a trend of having yoga classes specifically for fat people. The author does a pretty good job of fleshing out both the pros and cons of separate classes. The article is here. Here is a page where readers offer their own opinions. Like the article, people argue for...
  6. MuleVariationsNYC

    New studies on brown fat

    There has been some attention in the press recently about a possible breakthrough of our understanding of fat, and it's role in the human body, which I thought was worth posting here. There is a type of fat called "brown fat" which rather than storing energy, facilitates burning of energy in the...
  7. MuleVariationsNYC

    ESPN's take on life at a bigger size.

    A decent article (there's a video segment too, but it's pretty lame) from ESPN about daily challenges when you're the size of a typical NFL offensive lineman (Over 6 feet tall, generally around 310lbs). The athletes in the article echo a lot of sentiments people have voiced here in various...
  8. MuleVariationsNYC

    "Better to Be Fat and Fit Than Skinny and Unfit", says New York Times.

    Interesting article in the N.Y. Times today, writing about the growing support for a system of using fitness and activity as a measure of health, rather than weight and BMI. This has generally been my personal approach, but there's been more support for it in the medical literature recently...
  9. MuleVariationsNYC

    Favorite Men's Stores

    I know this forum mostly focuses on women's fashion/clothing, but I wanted to hijack one thread on behalf of those of us with a Y chromosome. I like shopping for clothes (probably a little too much), and am always looking for new places to hit. I live in NYC, so there are plenty of options, but...