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  1. jewels_mystery

    Random health related "confessions"

    I fractured my knees about ten years ago and both didn't heal right. Well my doctor said I need a double knee replacement. I am happy with the idea that my life won't be so limited and I finally have insurance that will cover most of the cost. But I am nervous about having surgery. My doctor...
  2. jewels_mystery

    First Thread

    I am 42 and proud of it. :)
  3. jewels_mystery

    What Are You Listening To? Redux

    OMG I used to love this song. I have not heard it in years. The live version is amazing.
  4. jewels_mystery

    What's on the dinner table tonight?

    Cod fish stew, brown rice and green beans. :eat1:
  5. jewels_mystery

    Cream of Wheat addiction

    I love the stuff. Cream of wheat and farina. My favs. yummmy
  6. jewels_mystery

    Random health related "confessions"

    I am not liking having health insurance. I found out in the last 11 days that I have diabetes, no cartilidge left in my right knee and a cyst in my breast. Calgon take me away.
  7. jewels_mystery

    BBW Confessions thread

    {{Hugs}} Prayer sent. I was in your shoes a couple of months back. There is a light at the end. Good luck on your interview.
  8. jewels_mystery

    Sexy Songs

    Ascolta ludovico Einaudi Beauty and the beast- Stevie Nicks In the Colors- Ben Harper You want to make a memory- Bon Jovi With arms wide open-Creed Take it to the limit-Eagles Best of my love-Eagles Autumn leaves- Eva Cassidy Let it Be Me-Ray Lamontagne I just love Ray Lamontagne...
  9. jewels_mystery

    What Are You Listening To? Redux

    Break Stuff- Limp Bizkit. It has been one of those days
  10. jewels_mystery

    Dianne Sylvan's 10 rules for fat girls

    That article made my day. She rocks. Thanks.
  11. jewels_mystery

    Film about Plus-Size Scuba Divers: Weightless

    I would love to see this documentary. Scuba diving is something I have on my bucket list.
  12. jewels_mystery

    Star Trek

    I was in Trekkie heaven last week. I saw Captain Janeway on a episode of Warehouse 13. I think she is joining the show. yay
  13. jewels_mystery

    True Blood

    The last episode made me throw things at my TV. I can not believe Jesus was killed and possibly Tara. Poor Lafayette, I felt his pain when he was crying. So many ends to tie up in the next season. I wonder why Rene warned Arlene and if Russell is coming back.
  14. jewels_mystery

    Your favorite body part, on a guy...

    I love a guy who can smile with his eyes and has a great smile. Add big hands and chest, I will fall in love. :smitten:
  15. jewels_mystery

    Star Trek

    DS9 and TNG are my favorites. I love sci fi:smitten:
  16. jewels_mystery

    asian & Hispanic FAs

    They are out there. My ex fiancee was Chinese and I have dated several Hispanic FAs.
  17. jewels_mystery

    Deb Albright in hospital

    She is in my prayers.
  18. jewels_mystery

    BBW Confessions thread

    Thanks ladies. I will be a contact representative.
  19. jewels_mystery

    BBW Confessions thread

    IC that I finally landed a job!!! I graduated Dec 09 and the only jobs I have been offered is seasonal/temporary work. I will be relocating to central New York State. I am originally from NYC so it will be nice to be closer to family and friends. Now I am packing up stuff to ship and stuff to...
  20. jewels_mystery

    BBW Confessions thread

    I am sorry your family is doing this to you. {{hugs}}