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  1. Diana_Prince245


    Does anybody have suggestions for where I can buy short or petite jeans in the store? I wear a 16W, and Lane Bryant had stopped carrying shorter lengths in stores here. There's also no Avenue here.
  2. Diana_Prince245

    Tdap reaction

    I think I'm having a really negative reaction to the Tdap vaccine I got for school Wednesday. I've been nauseated since Wednesday, I have a hard knot at the injection site, and my entire arm is sore (although that's better today). I've also developed a cold, although I'm not sure if that's the...
  3. Diana_Prince245


    About two years I bought the wrong shoes, and I got plantar fasciatis. Since then, it has flared up with great regularity, often enough that I quit working out and gained 70 pounds. I finally broke down and bought some Finn Comforts for work/school (I'm a nursing student), and the plantar...