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  1. IdahoCynth

    Home Bidet?

    There is an old thread on them here I am still using mine, I am used to the cold water now it doesn't bother me at all.
  2. IdahoCynth

    A quick Bidush question...

    Your question is old but I will answer it anyway. No you don't have to use the bidush when you flush.
  3. IdahoCynth

    Today is Caturday

  4. IdahoCynth

    Recent Picture of You Part X !!!!!!!!!!! :D

    Me and my granddaughter Molly at the mall yesterday :)
  5. IdahoCynth

    Plus and Super size scrubs/uniforms

    Great idea! I too hate my belly hanging lower than my shirt.
  6. IdahoCynth

    Peapod (and other grocery delivery services)

    I received my first order from last week. I was impressed with their shipping/packaging and the prices are close to what I pay where I shop. I ordered mostly cleaning supplies because the way I shop (TravelScoot and TrolleyBasket) I don't have tons of room in my basket and I hate...
  7. IdahoCynth

    Alone in Your Hate?

    I hate that I had to google Lindsay Vonn in order to hate her. I had no idea who the hell she was.
  8. IdahoCynth

    I am so excited!!

    Cherry diet Pepsi is so good, its my current favorite. Cherry diet Dr Pepper is good too.
  9. IdahoCynth


    Ultra creepy! Some of the Schwann's drivers are very aggressive because they are responsible for getting their own customers. So the more customers they have the more money they make.
  10. IdahoCynth

    Supersize Wedding dress

    You didn't say how traditional of a dress you were looking for? If all else fails this may work. There is also a matching jacket.
  11. IdahoCynth


    When I had kids at home I ordered from Schwan's, but it was always ice cream and treats. Their other items were really too expencive for us back then. After about 6 months of us only buying $20 or $30 of treats each month the driver got tired of us and quit stopping at our house. :( ya we...
  12. IdahoCynth

    Any guess how old these are?

    I have never heard of Outsize or Chubby Chick brand... but I do enjoy your find.
  13. IdahoCynth

    Any guess how old these are?

    I used to wear "Big Mama".... yea, I'm old.
  14. IdahoCynth


    Those sound really good Jean. Very similar to the way I used to make "giant nachos" when I had kids at home. The kids always liked me to use Doritos instead of plain chips. Now that it's just me and the dachshund I tend to make nachos in the microwave size and are usually pretty simple...
  15. IdahoCynth

    So What's The Deal With Arby's?...

    Yes they still have the horsey sauce. I get Arby's about twice a month, my dog Spanky loves it! When she refuses to eat I buy her an Arby's. (She has to have pills twice a day to keep her alive so I must find something to hide pills in.) While Spanky prefers the plain roasted beef, I get...
  16. IdahoCynth

    Girl Scout Cookies

    LBB available in Idaho for $3.50 a box. I got 3 boxes each of thin mints, samoas, peanut butter puffs..... delightfull and vanishing.
  17. IdahoCynth

    Today is Caturday

  18. IdahoCynth

    What's on the dinner table tonight?

    Popeye's chicken and mashed tates.
  19. IdahoCynth

    Peapod (and other grocery delivery services)

    HA! I totally understand your husbands opinion on the taste of milk. I too used to milk a cow for my family's use. There is nothing like raw fresh milk. I can't really enjoy any milk below the "red cap of death" whole milk from the store, and even whole milk seems watered down. But I do...