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    Is She a Feeder

    I was suggested this video the other day and read the comments. People are suggesting she’s a feeder because of how her husbands weight appeared to have doubled…. Thoughts?
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    FFA Author

    Hello All! I noticed this forum is dead so I figured I would break the ice. I am brand new to Dimensions but have already become addicted. I am a full time college student with high functioning anxiety and a chiweenie companion (she is pictured in my profile). My world has been at a stand still...
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    BHM Teddy Bear with the Spiked Collar (~Romance, ~BHM, ~WG)

    (Modern romance between a lonely BHM and a heart broken FFA) Teddy Bear with the Spiked Collar By wow42 He grimaced trying to take a new selfie. Dating was hard. Dating in upstate New York was harder. Dating in upstate New York when you’re a big man was a raging boner. The local women...