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  1. HottiMegan

    Skin Care

    Okay, here i am 35 and my face has broken out like i'm 15. I never did much as far as skin care other than washing with bar soap in the shower and lotioning the hell out of it post-shower. So what do you guys recommend for zit control? It's mostly along the smile zone around my mouth. They...
  2. HottiMegan

    Need suggestions

    I am taking martial arts and finding that my lower belly is really getting in the way during kicks and certain moves. I am thinking maybe wearing something that sort of lifts and squeezes my lower belly. Do spanx do that? If anyone knows of something that could sort of lift that lower belly up...
  3. HottiMegan

    diabetic baking

    My hubs is a newly diagnosed diabetic and my birthday is next week. I want to make something he can enjoy that won't spike him too much. I though some if you seasoned cooks might have some good recipes or links that could be helpful. I was thinking if trying out almond flour. Costco had a huge...
  4. HottiMegan

    Fat Yoga

    I just read a nice article about a place in Portland who does fat yoga classes. Taught by a BBW who works with the fat body. Kinda wish i lived closer! Just wanted to share :D
  5. HottiMegan

    Self Tanners?

    I am pale.. Like glow in the dark, cant wear shorts in the car cuz the reflection blinds driving hubs.. I am thinking of getting a self tanner for my legs and parts that don't see sun. got a recommendation so i don't look like an oompa loompa?
  6. HottiMegan

    Interview clothes??

    I put myself out there for an entry level position at the hospital hubs works. It's going to be a jane of all trades kind of job. Front desk sort of thing with filing and customer service type of stuff. I really don't have many professional outfits but not sure what to wear. I have had only one...
  7. HottiMegan

    Has the baking begun?

    I just got out my "cookie bible" to figure out what kinds of cookies i want to make for xmas this year. Has anyone else started? We're having family to the house for the first time ever, so i want a large amount of cookies. So far i want to make the following: Grandma's sugar cookies...
  8. HottiMegan


    I just thought you guys might like to know that, in addition to custom sizing, they now manufacture up to a size 36. Might mean getting a dress that much quicker buying a regular size from them. They are also having a sale right now 25% off a lot and 40% off some. I'm thinking of spending my...
  9. HottiMegan

    Cinco de Mayo appetizer recipes?

    Hi :) We're throwing a house warming party on Saturday and thought since it's Cinco De Mayo, we should do Mexican food themed munchies. I am having a total brain fart as to what to make. I am thinking guacamole, salsa, 7 layer dip but cant think of anything more. I want stuff that i can make...
  10. HottiMegan

    Happy National Donut day :D I wish I had a donut right now :)
  11. HottiMegan

    Buying glasses online...

    I know that quite a few of you have gotten glasses online but, for the life of me, I cant find the threads with them. (i suck at searching this forum i guess) Hubby got his eyes tested today and wants to buy a few pairs of glasses (some back ups and shades) so we thought online would be the...
  12. HottiMegan

    400 lb Man completes the LA marathon

    This was a record as the heaviest man to complete the marathon. I just liked the guys attitude.
  13. HottiMegan

    Prop 8 shot down by fed judge

    It's breaking news at the moment so an official press release isn't out. I am happy and interested in seeing what happens next. here's a link
  14. HottiMegan

    31 cent scoop night at Baskin Robbins

    The annual event is back on Wednesday. You can go and support the fire fighters. Ours always has a local station there to meet and greet.
  15. HottiMegan

    :( Gay marriage is no longer in California :(

    Sad day today. I just hope and pray that the pro-gay marriage activists can act quickly and get something to the people to vote on soon. I'm going to be checking out this afternoon to see how i can help.
  16. HottiMegan

    Why i like my fat belly

    As a mom of a baby my belly often comes in handy. My baby Alex has been sick and teething for a week now. I often just hold him by laying him tummy to tummy and he falls asleep in my pillowy goodness. He fits so perfectly sprawled against my large belly. Sometimes he almost instantly falls...
  17. HottiMegan

    Anyone taken an online class from these guys? I am eying up a couple of the beading classes and the ribbon embroidery class. Does anyone have experience with these people? the projects look awesome and fun. At the price of some of these classes, i want to make sure it's worthwhile :)
  18. HottiMegan

    Watcha doin on Easter?

    I just realized that Sunday is Easter. I'm not Christian but i have a boy who believes in the Easter Bunny so we're going to celebrate. I'll go out on Friday to get the basket supplies since i have a nosy kiddo. Saturday, if there's no rain, has a spring jubilee that has an Easter egg hunt...
  19. HottiMegan

    Cake Wrecks

    I came across this blog a few weeks ago and it's a lot of fun to look at. Some of the cakes are really cool but some aren't. I just wanted to share :D
  20. HottiMegan

    found a corset place on ebay

    These corsets are ridiculously cheap. I just ordered one. They go up to a 26/28. Some even have steel boning. Their 26/28 is called 6x. I will give a full review when i get it. (I got a red one so hopefully I'll have it by V-day!) I just wanted to share it with you all :D...