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  1. EmilyEW

    BBW Sainte-Isabelle (college, ~XWG, force feeding)

    Based on a story idea I pitched on another forum, but nobody picked it up, so I took the challenge. Sainte-Isabelle by Emily EW Chapter 1 "Because I don't want to get fat," Sophia said through her tears. Emma stared at her new roommate in disbelief. What was up with this thin blond girl...
  2. EmilyEW

    BBW Hannah and Gretel (~XWG)

    Hannah and Gretel Emily's retelling of Brothers Grimm tale Note: The original had a bit more profanity, but I toned it down :) In a hideous and dreary suburb, next to even an uglier and more miserable dark forest lived a middle-class man with his scrawny new wife and two of his daughters from a...
  3. EmilyEW

    Dedicated writing devices

    I remember writing my very first story on an electric word processor that I bought for $25 bucks in pawn shop. It used HD discetted. This was many years ago. The keyboard was actually fantastic! I like to work on my MacBook air 11, but that's probably only an hour without batteries. I also...
  4. EmilyEW

    My plump fantasy

    In my opinion, nothing is sexier on a girl than really big thighs and a nice overhanging belly. Here is a little digital art I fluffed today out of boredom how I would love to look like in another life. Or all girls. Yes, all of you should look like this! And stop protesting. Have something to...
  5. EmilyEW

    Private writers board for feedback?

    Is there, or was there a private writers board where people can post their stories to get feedback from writers without actually fully posting the stories out? Sort of like work in progress board. I felt like the story posted here all need to be either finished or can't be posted at all, but I...