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  1. MasterMike

    "SNL" finally gets a BBW!

    :DWow, I can't nobody believe that has done a post on this so far. The venerable(some might say interminable) Saturday Night Live is adding 3 new castmembers to its roster, all of whom honed their in Chicago's famed Second City improv theater. The newest Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time Players are...
  2. MasterMike

    Whatever happened to TaurusVixen?

    I was wondering if anyone knew the current whereabouts of former Dimensions model Cleacia; also known as TaurusVixen. She was one sexy BBW; nicely well-rounded with some cool tattoos!:wubu: She recorded some videos, and appeared in this now-classic inflation clip...
  3. MasterMike

    Any tall BBWs or SSBBWs on this board?

    Like at least 5'11, six feet tall or taller? If so, make your prescence known, and please, feel free to post pictures!
  4. MasterMike

    O Ivy Snitzer Wherefore Art Thou?

    On the old board I had started a thread inquiring just what happened to Ivy Snitzer, the beautiful and sexy 300-lbs. body double for Gwyneth Paltrow in the movie [I]Shallow Hal.[I] Apparently she went back to college and then just disappeared off the radar, hasn't been heard from since. I...