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  1. AmyJo1976

    Do you like being fat? And if so why or why not?

    This a question that was asked in another forum that I recently became a member of. Just curious of the replies here and how they differ from what I've read there. Just to clear the air, I love being fat and I enjoy all the aspects of it. Just curious of what people here think?
  2. AmyJo1976

    Happy New Year 2021!!

    Happy New Year everyone! Let's hope for another year of our fat loving bunch to continue to change how people think about us! :D
  3. AmyJo1976

    !!Merry Christmas 2020!!

    Merry Christmas to all my Dims folk that celebrate! You are my peoples! I know this year has been rough, but I wish you the best and hope you are able to spend this holiday with the ones you love most! :)
  4. AmyJo1976

    Happy Thanksgiving 2020

    I hope everyone is having a happy Thanksgiving! We got up early today to start cooking for this evening! I know a lot of places have limited or tried to keep people from being with family this holiday. They have here too, but we're spending Thanksgiving with our family and enjoying our time...
  5. AmyJo1976

    Happy Thanksgiving 2019 Girls! :)

    Happy thanksgiving to all the sisters! Enjoy!! I know I will :D
  6. AmyJo1976

    What happened here?

    I know that I'm not the only one that's noticed the lack of members that participate here. And I don't really expect the ones that have already gone to see this and give input. I just wonder, what happened? Seems like there has been a drop in the last few years and hardly anyone is on here...
  7. AmyJo1976

    !!!HAPPY NEW YEARS 2019!!!

    I'm starting this early for everyone in the Dims family on here all over the world. Happy new year all! :)
  8. AmyJo1976

    Christmas 2018

    Merry Christmas everyone! :) I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!
  9. AmyJo1976

    Happy Valentine's Day Girls! :)

    I wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day! May you be showered with lots of love, flowers, and tasty treats!
  10. AmyJo1976

    Funny Pictures, Cartoons, and Memes Thread

    I thought it would be fun to have a thread where we can post funny pictures, cartoons, and memes :)
  11. AmyJo1976

    Happy New Year Girls!!

    I hope everyone is having a happy new year:)
  12. AmyJo1976

    From Foodee to Feedee

    First of all this question is for you that love food and love to eat. Has anyone who is not a feedee had fantasies of being fed ? I have been a foodee and a gainer so far, but now I'm beginning to feel like being fed would be so much more erotic. Or having a feeder rather than just gaining on my...
  13. AmyJo1976

    Fat and Happy in their 30s

    How many have become fat and happy in their 30s. I struggled with it for a long time after 30, but now I am finally accepting myself and enjoying it:D Thanks mostly to this forum and the lovely people here.