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  1. Orchid

    Has anyone used a shipping forwarding mail service?

    Has anyone used a shipping forwarding mail service? Germany to other EU country? I looked at a few and seems reasonable. Question is EDEKA opening an account will it accept that shipping address is different than billing address? Main address is other EU country with no shipping to...
  2. Orchid

    Is anyone else dealing with backlogged medical appointments at hospital?

    Is anyone else dealing with backlogged medical appointments at hospital?
  3. Orchid

    Video 7 days...under fat (subtitles english)

    German documentary video click for english subtitles.
  4. Orchid

    Fat & hotels.

    Found this just now on Daily Mail. Is more than a decade since my last travels. But can agree with too small towels, balcony/garden chair too narrow, shower just about fit that but forget...
  5. Orchid

    How many pieces plus size female clothes fit into a carry-on luggage?

    Anyone know this?
  6. Orchid

    Myers-Briggs personality test?

    Did the test years ago when I went online 2004. Forgot results from then. Did test again yesterday and think it changed. Now I am INFP. Anyone else do the test? Watched also some Youtube videos on this, to understand it a bit more. Anyone else do the test? A free anonymous test here Free...
  7. Orchid

    Fat @ unlucky in love.

    First to say yes unlucky in love. 0 dates in my teens was the 1970s . Was considered fat my weight then was during those years 64 kg at biggest 73 kg at 1.66 mtr.
  8. Orchid

    Food in the house/kitchen questions?

    I am homebound for health reasons and had to give up grocery shopping some years ago. S/O he does the grocery shopping once a week. I plan ahead for what to cook, I like cooking. Usually I have some extra items just in case. With the news of the new Corona virus and the regular flu that is also...
  9. Orchid

    Folks staring at you in dr waiting room?

    Last month I had severe flu again. I was reasonable recovered to try visit my GP. Sunday I had a scary presyncope. So I was sitting in waiting room and one of the adults, older person, there was like looking at me like really staring. The other adult looked just twice and went on with her phone...
  10. Orchid

    Happy Mother's Day to all moms.

    Happy Mother's Day to all moms. :)
  11. Orchid

    Happy Easter 2016

    Happy Easter 2016 to everyone, hope you all have a very nice day.:)
  12. Orchid

    Wardrobe declutter...

    Today I finally gathered some courage to sort out my clothes, declutter my wardrobe. I have not finished yet, tomorrow I continue I get tired soon from the HF. Is anyone else also busy with this? The new things I bought last year I put together. Made stacks of my sleepwear. My housedresses...
  13. Orchid

    Orchid still alive.

    Orchid still alive. Since this past summer I was thinking on and off about Dimensions forum I used to post here years ago stopped posting early 2013. I still have the severe heart failure, have allover osteoartritis which means I can not do much of my hobbies, the garden I gave up. I had two...
  14. Orchid

    Pancreatic cysts ?

    Pancreatic cysts , anyone ? As if my list was not long enough I can now add this to my list of illnesses , ailments & health issues. I went for a complete abdominal ultrasound for other issues and besides more things they found this also. Been reading online at sites like
  15. Orchid

    Flowers / Hospital delivery question?

    Hello Would anyone know of a reliable good floral shop that accepts international online shopping payment by cc , to send fresh flowers to a hospital in Columbus Ohio? I am in Europe and seek advice on this. Thanks for any answer regarding my question. :)
  16. Orchid

    Hospital / Heart

    Went for my regular twice yearly appointment with my cardiologist , turns out I have to go back coming monday for a heart echo / ultrasound test . I have had these tests before and usually I get to stay in hospital afterwards so hope this one does not land me in hospital during the christmas...
  17. Orchid

    ? virginia smoked ham ?

    Hello Any Americans living in Europe or who did live here , my question is where you able to buy vriginia smoked ham over here ? Meaning the christmas ham ! Where you able to buy it online somewhere and did you have importing problems with customs? Any ideas on this ? :)
  18. Orchid

    hips xrays ?

    So finally I went to hospital to have some hips xrays and now waiting for the results. My doctors are worried about this and I also. I am not supposed to have any surgery ever , due to my endstage heartfailure and my pulmonary hypertension , as anesthesia is very bad for my heart at this stage...
  19. Orchid

    Happy Birthday Moore2Me

    Happy Birthday Moore2Me have a great day today wishing you all the best:)
  20. Orchid

    Light Sensitivity Eyes

    anyone who also has light sensitivity ? how do you cope ? any useful tips ?