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  1. Colonial Warrior

    My Beautiful Princess

    My Beautiful Princess Come on here, my beautiful princess! I have tried to find you for my entire life but you doesn't appear! I had quit to find you but it doesn't mean that I have lost the interest in knowing you. It's that simply you doesn't appear yet! I have suffered many wounds in the...
  2. Colonial Warrior

    RIP, Eddie Van Halen!

    This Tuesday morning, a legend of rock and roll passed away. Eddie Van Halen has lost his battle with cancer at 65. Born in Netherlands and raised in California, Van Halen will always be remembered by those like me enjoyed his innovation on the sound of hard rock along with other members of his...
  3. Colonial Warrior

    Talk show stories?

    Years ago I have found a story here about a relationship between a 600lb SSBBW queen and a doctor. They first met at a talk show. I haven't found it again. Can anyone help me? Also if there is any other story related to talk shows, let me know. I used to be a fan of talk shows. Thanks in advance.
  4. Colonial Warrior

    Looking ¿Hay Alguien Más de Puerto Rico Aquí?

    Hola a todos! Mi nombre es Luis. Al momento de escribir este mensaje tengo 53 años. El nombre de mi avatar es Colonial Warrior porque soy fan de la versión clásica de Battlestar Galactica. La de 1978. Además, me encanta la cultura de los años 70. He comenzado este tema para ver si puedo...
  5. Colonial Warrior

    What happened to the BHM/FFA Board?

    I tried to find it but I don't.
  6. Colonial Warrior

    I Want to Find Someone...

    I Want to Find Someone... Who cares about who I am. Who wants to know everything about me. Who likes the way I look. Who loves me the way I am. Who wants me the way I am. Who knows to love from the heart, body, soul, and spirit. Who makes me feel real love still exists. Who knows that...
  7. Colonial Warrior

    The Beginner's Creed

    In most of the colleges and universities in the US, September is the start of a semester. A start full of fascination, hope, and dreams for those in their freshman year. But for them is also a start full of confusion, despair, and frustration. Computer scientist, Peter J. Denning offers a way...
  8. Colonial Warrior

    That Little Cutie

    That Little Cutie A bit of time ago, someone came to my life, it was not a human, but I saw him as a friend. He was a pretty cat, of white and gray fur. He doesn't have a name, cause he is an alley cat. I tried to give him one, but it doesn't matter now. That little cutie gave me moments of...
  9. Colonial Warrior

    Battlestar Galactica Classic: The 40th Anniversary Thread

    Forty yahrens ago, on a day like this, a ragtag fugitive fleet with the last surviving humans from The Twelve Colonies of Man escaped from the tyranny of a race of robots, the Cylons. From a two suns star system, they are the descendants from a race who went to space to establish colonies...
  10. Colonial Warrior

    More great news about fat travelling

    Great news about breaking stereotypes!!!
  11. Colonial Warrior

    A Resort for the Super Sized

    While I was making some research work today, I have found this wonderful article about a resort for super sized located in the Bahamas. What a wonderful place to go!!!
  12. Colonial Warrior

    Why We Need To Advocate For Self Acceptance, Not Just Body Positivity

    I just wish to share this article with all of you. It's very inspiring. You can change women in this quotation with fat people or whoever you want to fill that space!!! ‘’When are we going to start to focus instead on women empowering women? On being good human beings. On striving for more...
  13. Colonial Warrior

    Tribute to the Queen of Soul

    With all my love, respect and admiration to the Queen of Soul : Aretha Franklin (1942 - 2018). Rest in peace, Queen Aretha!!!
  14. Colonial Warrior

    How to Come to Terms with Your Attraction to 'Fat Girls'

    How to Come to Terms with Your Attraction to 'Fat Girls' ‘’I know this isn't true. I have plenty of friends who fit the "hot chick" stereotype (I live in Los Angeles, after all—there's practically a goddamn infestation of "hot chicks"). I've learned from my friendships with tall, thin...
  15. Colonial Warrior

    My Loving Fantasy (a poem)

    My Loving Fantasy Your love is the universe to me. With you, time and space does not exist. I get lost in your sight, out of this world. Seated are you and me. Looking and sharing to each other. Crying and laughing to each other. Feeling our skins and breath. Inside a cosmic sphere, with the...
  16. Colonial Warrior

    My Fat Attraction!!!

    My Fat Attraction doesn't came from a problem from my childhood!!! My Fat Attraction doesn't came from my own fatness!!! My Fat Attraction doesn't came from my own self-loathing!!! My Fat Attraction doesn't came from my own self-esteem!!! My Fat Attraction doesn't came from an experience of...
  17. Colonial Warrior

    Question to know about

    I was very interested on something I trying to know: is there a difference between the Fat Acceptance Movement and the Body Positivity Movement? Can anyone would help me? :doh: