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    new (to me) pear-shaped Brazilian goddess My first major comp, the product of a rare afternoon off and an FA jones that won’t quit. You’re welcome, but the pleasure was all mine. I found the goddess-like Renata Celidonio through this other dailymotion video...
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    been a while

    So where does one post non-pornographic, albeit socially non-redeeming, possibly non-PC FA gentlemen's fodder? I'm talking links to info, pics, and video clips of interest, etc. Seems like it would be here, but this place has more rooms than the Winchester Mansion these days and I'm confused.
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    No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency on HBO

    Anybody else catch this last night? I hated the books the series is based on so my expectations weren't high, but it was very well done - best series HBO has put out in years. The tone was dreamy and whimsical at first (sometimes verging on cloying), but they worked in darker, more serious...
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    bubble tea

    Someone posted something about bubble tea in the Chinese Food thread, and it reminded me of something I've meant to ask: Is it okay for a man in his late 30s to buy and drink this stuff? I'm addicted, and in warmer months I hit Chinatown 1-3 times a week on my way home to get some. However the...
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    molecular gastronomy meets molecular biology

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    ambivalence as an |un|closeted fa

    In weeding through the Closet FAs thread, I wondered about the experience of the uncloseted in day-to-day life. I'm somewhat out as an FA. "Somewhat" in that many people who know me well know the deal, and my policy is generally not to deny if the subject comes up. But I'm not the...
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    and I thought pizzerias on Staten Island were hardcore
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    behold, the pigpocalypse...
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    REAL positive BBW roles

    Even I, as a dedicated FA gawker, have gotten really down and discouraged watching Ruby and various Biggest Losii whining and weeping their way across my screen, not to mention the endless reruns of doom-laden Discovery and TLC weight-related freakshows. These (un)reality shows, while covered in...
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    Golden's Deli - Eat in a subway car...

    ...without dripping mustard on fellow commuters. Having happily and voluntarily banished myself to Staten Island several years ago, the one big bummer I encountered was a severe shortage of good, casual restaurants like I was used to in Manhattan and Brooklyn. There is good food here in the...
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    Famous, superhot model/actor FA new to the boards

    Hey all, I'm a 35-year-old super-hot model/actor who LOVES the BBWs and has decided to fully accept and embrace it! Although I think a bigger woman is to DIE for, I enjoy keeping my own body fit and active and make loads of dough and hope to find some BBWs who prefer a dude as amazing as myself...
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    John: Nutmeg, Sweet sweet Nutmeg On the 25th I’m cover you with My nutmeg, Ooh, my sweet brown nutmeg Girl, don’t make me beg I want to nog your egg, yes I do Girl, I’m going to rock you like a cradle You lick the nutmeg off my ladle It’s pure, it’s refined And it’s ready to grind...
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    Ruby thread that talks about the show itself

    I caught episode 2 last night, my first time watching the show. A few thoughts: 1) That has to be the gayest theme song ever. It makes Three's Company's sound like Dvorak. 2) It seemed like there was about 5 minutes worth of show stretched to 22 minutes. It made the whole thing nearly...
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    Olympics, DNC, RNC

    Americans: If you can stand just ONE MORE solemn patriotic expression this summer...
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    Too Fit to Be President?

    I knew there was something I didn't trust about him...
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    I'm the first one to say chains are for prisons when it comes to restaurants. ...however... I tried Lenny's for the first time the other day and I've been back every day since. The Lenny's Special is corned beef, pastrami, cole slaw, and thousand island dressing on rye bread, served hot...
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    belgian bud

    That's what some of my snottier friends call Stella Artois when I order it - "Belgian Bud." Well, now Bud is Belgian. Personally, I think Bud is piss, and in general I'm not too nationalistic about my eating and drinking habits. I like French cheese and wine, Irish butter, Belgian and Czech...
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    cupcake o.d. at Crumbs

    "Crumbs" bakeries have been popping up here in NYC for a while now, but as someone loyal to Cupcake Cafe, I've avoided them. A coworker dragged me in there today finally after lunch and I bought an "Artie Lange," appropriately named after the sugar-addicted BHM sidekick on Howard Stern. It...
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    a little bbw body language

    Watching the CNN blather the night of Hil and Barry's "Unity" meeting, I was intrigued by Larry King's bbw "body language expert," Janine Driver. I did some quick googling and found out she's gotten quite a bit fluffier over the last 2 years, well documented in her website's press clip section...
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    so how was your week at work?

    Some people embezzle millions, some steal pencils. I got to eat all THIS when the shoot was done: