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  1. Polarisdreamerr

    BBW The Fat Wife- by Polarisdreamer (BBW, STUFFING, Slice of Life)

    BBW, STUFFING, Slice of Life. Claire, a successful young lawyer, has nearly doubled her bodyweight since she tied the knot. Can she come to terms with her current overfed figure and balance her duties as wife and breadwinner? The Fat Wife by Polarisdreamer & Berserker1133 Chapter 1...
  2. Polarisdreamerr

    BBW Corrupting Holly- by Polarisdreamer & Berserker1133 (~BBW, ~XWG, ~SEX, STUFFING, SPANKING)

    BBW, XWG, SEX, STUFFING, FEEDING, SPANKING, SUBMISSION & DOMINATION. Holly, a repressed bookworm yearning to meet a guy who can satisfy her kinks, gets more than she bargained for when she gets involved with a mysterious married man. Corrupting Holly by Polarisdreamer & Berserker1133...
  3. Polarisdreamerr

    BBW Paul's Dilemma- (~BBW, ~XWG, STUFFING, ~SEX, TEASING)

    Paul, a closeted feeder, must choose between his heartfelt attachment to his longtime girlfriend, or succumb to his temptation to enable and fatten her older sister. Paul's Dilemma By Polarisdreamer & Berserker1133 (This story is the third collaboration between berserker1133 (who created the...
  4. Polarisdreamerr

    BBW The Fence- by Polarisdreamer (~BBW, STUCKAGE, TEASING, ~SEX, STUFFING)

    BBW, STUCKAGE, SEX, STUFFING. Alana, formerly a reluctant babysitter and bonafide high school bombshell, has partaken in a decade of lazy indulgence and been forced to endure its consequences. The Fence By Polarisdreamer Part 1 “I can hear you Trevor! Better stay quiet or else I’ll...
  5. Polarisdreamerr

    BBW Mia's Junior Year- by Polarisdreamer (~BBW, ~~WG, ~XWG, ~SEX, STUFFING, STUCKAGE, ROLE REVERSAL)

    BBW, WG, XWG, SEX, STUFFING, STUCKAGE, ROLE REVERSAL. Mia, an overly competitive and spoiled sorority diva, clashes heads with her roommate Kate. In their battle for social supremacy at Douglas University, there are some hefty consequences. Mia's Junior Year by Polarisdreamer Volume 1...
  6. Polarisdreamerr

    BBW Bulking Up Steph- (~BBW, ~XWG, Stuffing, Sex)

    Steph, a shy young woman driven toward becoming a Bikini Competition Champion by her overbearing coach, decides to bulk up and compete in a higher weight class after suffering a modeling related injury. Needless to say, things do not exactly go as planned thanks to Steph’s boyfriend. Bulking...
  7. Polarisdreamerr

    BBW Food For Thought - by Polarisdreamer (~BBW,~~WG)

    ~BBW, ~~WG, stuffing. A track star put on academic probation gets her smart overweight roommate to help her study in exchange for helping her lose weight. Food For Thought by Polarisdreamer Chapter 1- The Compromise “Academic probation?!?! You mean I’m off the team!?” Jill’s voice...