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    Best photo poses / angles for showing off weight gain?

    i guess... it depends on the body type but usually, front, sides, back, trying to use the same angle. wearing same shorts or clothes and be used as a reference as well
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    BBW/SSBBW using public electric scooter:)

    those kind of scooter, i do not see a 500 lady swinging in those at the moment
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    Undecided about gaining weight

    you should at least try, and see how you feel about it. go all in, and experience it all. there is no other way.
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    Surprised by weight gain

    enjoy it all, you are in the right place to celebrate curves !
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    Reactions and Observations From a "Mismatched" Couple

    well, there are some thing to comment. it happens. and people can be morons and waste their time making comments that are absolutely not good or useful about other people or couples for that matter. in my case, it depends on how the difference is seen from outside or what they are doing as well...
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    Finding a Model

    there are some, fortunately nowadays we have a lot of beautiful models and a very large helping community
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    FFA Author

    welcome! this website could certainly use more members. i have been here for a while, some years now, and i enjoy it all. at the beginning it was really pleasant to know that i was not alone in chasing chubby girls and wanting to make them fatter.
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    Weight gain - Belly in the way when I go to the bathroom

    actually i have wondered the same thing. personally i have no problems but just by looking at some ladies and the dimensions of their hips and or belly you have got to assume that things are not always very easy in that department. at the same time i have seen some creative solutions but it is a...
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    Hypothetical: How fat would you get if it was only for 24 hours?

    that is something i have thought about for sure. personally, i think i would all the way to boberry style, so, at the peak, around 620 pounds probably. what about you ? my proportions, well i guess it would be a lot of belly. probably my lady would be a lot of everything mmm i like that idea
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    FA/FFA Who was Your First Plus-Sized Crush?

    a lady in high school... she had it all but a pretty face if you ask me. still have her on facebook, married with one child, she did gain some but not ssbbw status. always nice to see her thou, i can see she is a foodee so we can still see her get a bit bigger i guess.
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    Have you ever experienced envy?

    that is a nice story! i have never really been in a similar situation , that wwould be nice to be honest as most of my comments my wife gets are about how she can lose weight and how her mom and sister are way thinner and such and it is really unpleasant to be around
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    Talking to your partner about your preference, a thread

    smart advice! we usually tend to committ most of those mistakes ,hopefully some youngsters will read it before taking that high way
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    Fat friends & acquaintances

    good topic for conversation. i think that is a good goal to aim for, that our lady is the biggest person we know around because really , ssbbws are hard to find if you ask me. in my case i would that , it is so, she is the person with the biggest bmi i have around and that makes me very happy...
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    Do opposites attract each other?

    i can't say for sure, i just know that i prefer my ladies to be fat and soft, and i have found, short as well, maybe because chances are that a weight gain will be easier to tell and happen. a curvaceous short lady is a beautiful thing to have on top and grab and enjoy her curves.
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    Feedism - Personally into overeating, being fat or getting fatter? Count yourself in!

    personally, i think eating is one delicious pleasure so you can count me in this nice group
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    Am I weird or...

    yeah, if could choose an athletic bbw or a total couch potato, probably would go with the sporty one, more energy for things
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    Where is everyone from

    north of mexico , present! love the dimensions community
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    i just found you at instagram, wow, i can say that you are beautiful and brave!
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    I used to be Rampant

    there used to be more movement here at dimensions
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    Weight limits

    you may have to get creative but no reason to put on a weight limit for sure